Racer’s Edge Providing Data and Analytical Tools to Photo Finish™ LIVE Community


Over the course of his nearly two-decade-long career in building business-to-business software programs, Ian Landsman has developed a keen eye for identifying opportunities to make customers’ lives easier. 

His talent for providing people with the tools they need to succeed, coupled with a desire to provide third-party data-oriented tools for the Photo Finish™ LIVE community, led to Landsman’s early 2022 launch of Racer’s Edge – a data and analytics-based website that’s quickly become a necessity for PFL players. 

According to Landsman, the idea behind creating Racer’s Edge was born from what he quickly identified as a shared desire by many in the community — including, himself — for access to more tools that supplemented the gameplay experience. 

“There was an existing community site called Lonely Horses that I was using to figure out what was going on,” Landsman said. 

“It was a great baseline, but it seemed like the person running it didn’t have time for it any longer and it didn’t really provide the data density I was really looking for.”

Owner of Steelheart Stables, Landsman’s fleet of horses consists of a variety of different horses covering different grades and preferred preferences, adding to the necessity of a site like Racer’s Edge that can assist in making decisions on which horse’s to breed together.

“I wanted to see everything all at once – particularly data needed in finding the best breeding outcomes  – so I decided to build Racer’s Edge to provide those very functions.”

In addition to condensing available in-game items all in one place, Racer’s Edge offers users more options and filters that enable a comparison shopping experience that makes life that much easier. 

Racer’s Edge tools help ease the process of gathering Photo Finish™ LIVE assets and allow players to get back out on the track where the real fun, and soon, real money rewards, can be had. 

“Right now, Racer’s Edge is focused on helping users find the best value when shopping for PFPs for $CROWN and making it easier to search for Gen 0 tickets, which will soon become actual horses once the game is live,” Landsman said. 

“We’re making it much easier to see what’s on the market versus using Magic Eden alone because we allow users to see every ticket on the market.”

Landsman says Racer’s Edge also provides just enough information about the seller to enable buyers the option of a seller on Discord if they would like to propose a trade or different purchase price, going above and beyond to get players the best deal they can find.

Having been overwhelmed and humbled by the use of Racer’s Edge, he says he’s been happy that fellow players have found the site useful and pledges it will remain a free service. 

“Racer’s Edge is and will always remain free. It does cost a fair amount to run the service, so tips are always appreciated.”

Long-term, Racer’s Edge certainly is in a position to play a large role in the Photo Finish™ LIVE experience. Landsman feels the sky is the limit for both Racer’s Edge and PFL because the game itself is so attractive to both a broad base of real-life horse racing fans and gamblers alike. 

“On the horse racing end, owning a real racehorse is very complicated and expensive. PFL gives a lot of people access to that excitement but in an easier, more affordable, and more humane way. I think there will be a lot of interest in this” Landsman said.

“On the wagering side of things, people love to gamble, of course, but beyond that, PFL can offer horse racing fans so much more than traditional horse racing,”

Landsman says as Photo Finish™ LIVE grows, so too will Racer’s Edge.

“The team at Third Time Games has been gracious enough to allow Racer’s Edge to continue accessing data, so I do have a lot planned.”

“The main thrust will always be to provide a lot of analytical options for racers and wagerers to be able to learn more about the races and their horses.”

Want to support Racer’s Edge? Send tips via Solana to the team’s wallet at 6y86w4eknsD2FMAmgRD31bbJniWKekxEHyCAAUXJZHoG

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