Crown Prep Weekly: Derby, S10 Winners, and Community Race Calls


And we’re off! 

The first weekend of 2023 saw another slate of pivotal season-ending Photo Finish™ LIVE action, with both the running of the Third Time Derby and the Season 10 finale Crown Prep Sprint Series. 

As usual, our community showed up and showed out, with a handful of races going 15-wide down the stretch as the best racehorses in PFL battled it out on the tracks. 

Miss any of the action? We’ve got you covered in this week’s edition of the Crown Prep Weekly.

Third Time Derby

This week’s Third Time Derby was a barn burner! Congratulations to Lady Stardust and the entire Wolaf Farms crew for taking down the biggest race of the week.

A special shoutout is in order for community member Let It Ride for delivering a stellar call of the Derby action.

Crown Prep Weekly Scorecard

Race 1 5 Furlongs Right Dirt Dark Necessities Makybe Lolli Makybe Alinghi
Race 2 8 Furlongs Right Turf Vesper v4 Makybe Zipping Bonanza
Race 3 11 Furlongs Left Dirt Ayre Regulate Agripp1na
Race 4 4 Furlongs Left Turf Dar1us Niagra Fresh Fries
Race 5 7 Furlongs Right Dirt Sorcerers Magic Makybe Northerly Jack Herer Ricky
Race 6 10 Furlongs Right Turf Meadows Cookie Glue Chur Chimmi
Race 7 6 Furlongs Left Dirt Modelo 2.0 Grenache Lambo Marown
Race 8 9 Furlongs Left Turf LT Swift Puff III Cabernet Sauvignon Mister Dixie
Race 9 12 Furlongs Right Dirt Sericulture Al Buraq Silk Song
Race 10 5 Furlongs Right Turf Makybe Falcon Firefox McWackybaccy
Race 11 8 Furlongs Left Dirt Modelo Anstas1a Brigitte
Race 12 11 Furlongs Left Turf Rombauer Galibière’s Mystery Swifty

ICYMI: Friday Night at the Races

The biggest races took place on Saturday, but the appetizer for the spicy season-ending action took place over at VeVe Vault’s stream where he and our man Mo Knowz threw down another rendition of Friday Night at the Races.

Make sure to like and subscribe to VeVe’s channel to catch his Friday and Saturday Night at the Races PFL streams!

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