Crown Prep Newsletter 11/28 DEGEN DERBY EDITION


This week we will cover the undercard races of the Degen Derby, FIVE epic races preceding the Degen Derby with top contenders in the world of Photo Finish™ LIVE showing up in top form looking to take home some SOL and more importantly – GLORY before the cheering, digital masses!

Let’s dive into the results…

R1 – The Downbad Dash

5f/R/T – Condition: Fast

1st – Serena’s Star (Gvt in Wimbledon)
2nd – Bourbon (BigBrainStables RT)
3rd – She’s the One (SecretariYat Stables)

The first race is a scorcher – the pack is tight with Bourbon dueling Ray Brown down the first stretch – Bourbon leading the pack around the bend but falls to the wild burst of Serena’s Star from the back of the pack… She’s the One JUST managing to show at the finish line!

R2 – Prix De L’Dog Coin

5f/L/D – Condition: Fast

1st – Rolls Royce (abSOLute Horsepower)
2nd – Bag Bias (Gaucho’s)
3rd – Racing in the Street (SecretariYat Stables)

Down the first stretch and the pack is led into the turn by Poagey Mooar of YSM of the famed YSM Racing Club, but he is soon overtaken around the first bend as Rolls Royce and Jaja Ding Dong rip ahead – only to be absorbed back into the pack. The final stretch sees Rolls Royce take back his lead by a hair over Bag Bias, Racing in the Street showing with Community Legend barely missing the podium behind them.

R3 – Funds Are Safu Stakes

5f/L/T Condition: Fast

1st – Nightcrawler (BigBrainStables L)
2nd – Teller Nuttin (Grape Syndicate)
3rd – Perlino (SOLmate Stables)


The race fires off at sunset, led early by Teller Nuttin who holds the lead all the way into the last stretch of the sprint, fading slightly as Nightcrawler pushes up past the contending Bentley (of abSOLute Horsepower) on the final turn, taking the lead into the last stretch but fading into the finish line over Teller Nuttin, with the renowned Perlino sneaking into third to show.

R4 – Bahamian Open Cup

11f/R/D Condition: Sloppy

1st – Cheesy Mudder (Cheese Racing)
2nd – Poppytart (DeStables)
3rd – Night Saturn (Big Brain Stables RD)

The first of the longer races, and as sloppy as she gets! The Bahamian Open Cup sees a wired first few stretches by Poppytart (an astounding 65x payout contender), who is FINALLY overtaken in the last bend by Cheesy Mudder and begins a duel to place with Night Saturn. The finish is as CLOSE as it gets for the top 3 spots, a 3 way photo finish in the mud.

R5 – Wen Moon National

11f/R/T Condition: Soft

1st – Curly (SOLmate Stables)
2nd – Deaf banks (Grape Syndicate)
3rd – Cheesy Toast (Cheese Racing)


Kratos of Big Brain Stables begins the race with a god-slaying lead that seems all but insurmountable until an INJURY takes him out just before the final bend. The field now opens wide for the pack as tight cluster breaks apart on the final stretch with Curly by 3 lengths followed by a close duel that goes Deaf banks’ way to place, Cheesy Toast (of the powerful Cheese Racing stable) to show.

We couldn’t have asked for better races to get primed for the Degen Derby, a race that will go down in history as one of the most contentious in Photo Finish HISTORY!

Congratulations to everyone who participated. See you next week!

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