Crown Weekly: Season 15, Week 3

We’re so back. Back for another week around the Photo Finish™ LIVE sun, and back to the grind that is methodically placing brick-by-brick the foundation for a massive second half of the year push toward web3 gaming dominance. Grab some light reading as we venture into another week filled with progress across the board in […]

Third Time Games Founder & CEO Ian Cummings Chats with Zima Red

Third Time Games Founder & CEO Ian Cummings recently joined Zima Red and the show’s host, Andrew Steinwold, to chat about everything from discovering his lifelong obsession with game development to the events that have followed throughout his 23-year career. From grinding his way from an intern at EA Sports to the Creative Director of […]

Win a Free Horse: Introducing the First-Timers Furlong Series

Photo Finish™ LIVE is taking training wheels off of the Trainer Horses — introducing the First-Timers Furlong Series! Everyone has always received a free Trainer Horse in their stable upon sign-up, but until now, those horses were purely meant for educational and practice purposes. As of today, that’s all changed. Let’s dive into how Trainer […]

Photo Finish™ Welcomes Mad Lads Racing Syndicate, Mad Stables

Mad Lads is in the building. As recently touched on in the community blog – teams of all shapes and sizes are forming around the Photo Finish™ community. From dorm rooms to DAOs, players are beginning to find the utility in pooling resources to create a super stable.  While we don’t have a crystal ball, […]

Standing ‘Ovation’: Photo Finish™ Horse Sells For Record $50,000

Some mile markers in the Photo Finish™ road just hit differently. Those that make you stop and consider that this is really happening. Then, some days completely take your breath away, such as Monday, when a horse named ‘Ovation’ sold for a record $50,000. The eye-popping transaction between the buyer, The Commish, at the helm […]

Crown Weekly: Welcome to Season 9

Live comes at you fast here at Photo Finish™, meaning we have little time to waste mulling over the past with the future here and now. The Virtual Kentucky Derby just occurred, and Churchill Downs helped Photo Finish™ promote the event across several social media channels. Season 9 is here; it’s Foal’s Day, and the […]

Season 7: Virtual Kentucky Derby Day Mega-Preview

Every Photo Finish™ LIVE season ends with a bang, and for Season 7, that moment is now upon us — ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Virtual Kentucky Derby weekend. Before we dive into the culmination of the Road to the Roses, let’s talk about the lathering up of the racetracks that will occur in the […]

A Fundraising Story

Now that the ink has dried, I thought it might be cathartic to look back and discuss what all went down as I started the fundraising process literally the same week FTX cratered.  At the advice of our lead investor LVP, I spent much of September and October 2022 practicing and honing our pitch deck. […]

Crown Weekly: A Season to Remember

Six Photo Finish™ LIVE seasons are in the books, and what a barnburner the most recent chapter was. From the debut of a crop of newly bred horses to a legend born on the Virtual Kentucky Derby racetrack and a lot in between, the last month of Photo Finish™ has provided a surplus of gas […]