150 Days Until the 150th Kentucky Derby: PFJC Members Ready For an Unforgettable Experience


150 to 150. 

Today marks 150 days until the historic running of the 150th Kentucky Derby. With the countdown officially on, Photo Finish™ Jockey Club executives located all around the globe have begun preparing to attend the race, live and in color, together for the first time in what is planned as an incredible VIP experience.

To begin the official countdown to the 150th Derby, we chatted with a handful of PFJC members who plan on making the trek to Kentucky. 

Let’s set the stage and provide a way-to-early preview of an incredible few days in May. 

Photo Finish in the Infield of the Kentucky Derby

Photo Finish™ LIVE Returns to Churchill Downs

Can you believe it’s been (almost) a full year?

As was the case this past May when the Third Time Games team was boots on the ground representing Photo Finish™ inside the infield of the 149th Kentucky Derby, our team will be back breathing the same air as the best racehorse in the world at 150. 

Not only will PFL be in attendance because we’re a proud partner of Churchill Downs and the Official Game of the Kentucky Derby, but because we’d never miss a piece of sports history of this magnitude.

The Kentucky Derby is the annual race of all races, but this one is special.

Expect an announcement on all the team’s shenanigans and otherwise official plans in the coming months. What’s already confirmed is this year, we’ll be rolling deep with quite a bit of company. 

First Turn: PFJC Executives Live the VIP Life

Thirty-two members of the PFJC have already secured four tables at the exclusive First Turn Dining Club for the 150th Kentucky Derby on May 3-4, 2024, to celebrate their shared passion for horse racing together in person for the first time. These members can look forward to a VIP of all VIP experiences as they mingle and rub elbows against the finest race fans and most influential stars of the sport found anywhere in the world. 

The Executive Club – formed to unite early adopters and the finest stable owners Photo Finish™ LIVE has to offer – requires ownership of 20-plus original PFPs for entry, offering exclusive community access and valuable free breeding reports. 

The executives of PFJC will be strategically positioned at the iconic first turn of the racetrack, known as the First Turn Dining Club, in a location that provides a prime vantage point to witness the thrilling racing action and the renowned Kentucky Derby Walkover. 

A VIP experience for the finest executives in Web3. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photo Finish™ LIVE: A Virtual Gateway to Real Excitement

A convergence of virtual and real-life horseracing, executives from the Photo Finish™ Jockey Club, stationed around the globe, many with family members in tow, are already expressing their excitement about the mere thought that in 150 days, they’ll be gathering together.

A testament to the game’s power that has brought them together, these individuals, the majority previously disconnected from traditional horseracing, credit their newfound passion to the immersive experience of Photo Finish™ LIVE.

“I’ve never been to a real-life horse race before,” Ba11thazar Ranch, a longtime member of the exclusive Executive Club, confessed, adding, “But thanks to Photo Finish™ and the friends I’ve made here, the 150th Kentucky Derby is going to be my first race.”

“Seriously — who would have thought that my video game hobby would turn into a profitable investment and a trip to the biggest event in horse racing history?”

Similarly, David Chapman, owner of Horse Racing Capital and universally known as the best player to talk when creating a PFL stable, revealed how PFL has transformed his perspective on horseracing from a sport that was an afterthought connected to what appeared to be a special game to something he’s now passionate about. 

“Before getting involved in Photo Finish™ Live, I had been to one horse race since I was 13 years old,” Chapman shares, “I had no interest or connection to the sport. That all has changed, and now I love the sport.”

PFJC member Seykaz shared an outlook similar to others: “Before PFL, I knew very little about horse racing. PFL has not only taught me the ropes, but it has also created a genuine connection and interest in horse racing IRL for me.”

While PFL has done some heavy lifting in introducing the sport of horse racing to new fans, it’s also been a much-needed gaming outlet for those already big fans.

“I’ve been a fan of horse racing for many years,” Peeb of YSM Racing Club, a player based in the Isle of Man, an island in the middle of the North Irish Sea, shared, adding his geographic location has made attending in-person events a challenge, so never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would attend the Kentucky Derby at all, much less a historic running “The water between IOM and UK has meant I’ve only ticked a few of those off my bucket list so far – but since entry into PFL, my eyes have been opened to American racing,”

“The opportunity to attend the 150th Kentucky Derby was too good to pass up,”

According to Peeb, three of the five YSM Racing Club family members are making the trip, marking their first in-person meeting.

” To meet them and dozens of PFJC members – cannot wait. It is going to be a weekend for the ages.”

One of the longest-standing community members, Wolaf, also a longtime horse racing fan, shares in the excitement as he began counting down the days until the Derby, emphasizing the impact of Photo Finish Live on his passion for horse racing. 

“I’ve always been a horse racing fan, but PFL has brought it to the next level. Meeting many great community members at such an epic event will be life-changing.”

As the 150th Kentucky Derby approaches, these executives are not just attending a race; they’re meeting what amounts to longtime friends for the first time in a building where sports history will take place.

That they’ll live it up as VIPs while in attendance is just a bonus.

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