You Can Now Use $CROWN and $DGEN to Purchase NFTs on Sniper Marketplace


Third Time Games is excited to share that Sniper Marketplace has recently integrated support for $CROWN and $DGEN within their platform, adding a new layer of utility and liquidity to both utility tokens. 

Fueled by technologies and integrations provided by Jupiter, Jito Labs, and Birdeye, Sniper has launched support enabling users to shop for NFTs in the token of their choice simply by toggling between which they prefer. 

For those that own $CROWN or $DGEN, that means you can now use either token to purchase NFTs on Sniper, including those in the Photo Finish™ PFP collection and Generation Zero tickets. 

Are you looking to accumulate even more $CROWN and/or $DGEN? For those white-knuckling Third Time tokens, Jupiter integration within Sniper allows users to sell their NFTs and receive $CROWN or $DGEN in return. No extra steps are required.

Even better, as a bonus, users will still be accumulating Jupiter and Jito volume by utilizing this service, meaning you’ll also still be collecting points from those services, just as you would if directly using their platform.

This sweet perk is just another sign that an overall smoothness is coming to the Web3 space, and that your beloved catalog of Third Time SPL’s will be more useful than ever in the coming new year.  

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