Crown Weekly: Team Takeover

Put another brick on the Photo Finish™ wall, as we’ve officially hit the midway point of Season 9. From double-the-major Race fun to record sales, product updates, and an influx of new players, the past seven days have only strengthened the foundation as we inch toward the Virtual Kentucky Derby and the end of 2023. […]

Meet the Teams: Stables Offering Partial Ownership Opportunites

Where there is smoke, there is fire. As of late, the Photo Finish™ sign-up page has been ablaze with a particular kind of new stable owner emerging on the scene. Teams are forming — in some circles, referred to as DAOs or syndicates. These groups pool money and resources to form a stable with a […]

Third Time Games Business Development Lead Ryan Duguid Brings Photo Finish™ Worldwide

It’s estimated that there are 600 million horse racing fans worldwide. While even a juggernaut professional league like the NFL works overtime to capture attention outside the United States, the ‘Sport of Kings’ long ago positioned itself as a global sports language. That, coupled with the knowledge that the Photo Finish™ LIVE community is stationed […]

Standing ‘Ovation’: Photo Finish™ Horse Sells For Record $50,000

Some mile markers in the Photo Finish™ road just hit differently. Those that make you stop and consider that this is really happening. Then, some days completely take your breath away, such as Monday, when a horse named ‘Ovation’ sold for a record $50,000. The eye-popping transaction between the buyer, The Commish, at the helm […]

Crown Weekly: Studs and Stars

A new Photo Finish™ season is a lot like your favorite amusement park ride — before you’ve even completed a spin, you’re already thinking about how you do it all over again. Luckily, all community members receive the same Fast Pass, which is good to skip right to the front of the line for unlimited […]

Crown Weekly: Welcome to Season 9

Live comes at you fast here at Photo Finish™, meaning we have little time to waste mulling over the past with the future here and now. The Virtual Kentucky Derby just occurred, and Churchill Downs helped Photo Finish™ promote the event across several social media channels. Season 9 is here; it’s Foal’s Day, and the […]

Claimed Horse Wins the Virtual Kentucky Derby

On Saturday night, SOLmate Stables took home the prestigious Virtual Kentucky Derby title with a horse acquired through a Photo Finish™ LIVE Claiming Race, a monumental moment in Photo Finish™ history that not only marks an outstanding achievement for SOLmate themselves but showcases the accessibility of success for newcomers. A claiming race in horse racing […]

Photo Finish™ LIVE Community Holds Charity Auction For Philippines Children’s Hospital

Today, Friday, November 17, at 6 pm EST, join the Photo Finish™ LIVE community for an evening of compassion and generosity personified as they host the Barn Blessings Charity Auction, an initiative aimed at providing life-changing support for needy children at the National Children’s Hospital, a public hospital in the Philippines. Organized by longtime Photo […]

Announcing the Hawku Memorial

The NFT world lost a good one this past week as we bid farewell to a pioneer,, a leading marketplace and analytics site for NFTs over the past two years. In honor and celebration of the Web3 gaming trailblazer and the many communities that supported their ventures, Photo Finish™ LIVE proudly presents the Hawku […]