One King, One $CROWN

One of the most exciting opportunities in crypto has been sitting under your nose for months and months, all the while a handful of savvy individuals have been making one of the most under-the-radar bets in web3 you could hope to find. Spoiler alert: they’re stacking horse jpegs. Let’s rewind for a second… and catch […]

Finding Lines, Golden Lines

Welcome… to another update, everyone! Depending on how long you’ve been hanging around Discord, you may be familiar with one of our MANTRAS — that there is a place at the table for skilled stable owners across the Photo Finish™ LIVE ecosystem, regardless of their budget. We wanted to go into more detail with specifics as […]

Development Update | May 25 2022

Hi everyone! Jeremy here, community manager at Third Time, and today we wanted to give a sneak peek not only into the game as we approach Beta, but also a behind-the-scenes look at our team meetings! Yesterday we assembled via Zoom to touch base, as we do every day. Not only do we discuss company […]

The Start of Something Big…

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the official test release of Third Time Games’ Photo Finish™ LIVE! It’s been a long time coming, and we know you’re waiting to hear about it. Today we’re going to talk about: what it is, what’s in it, what we’re doing with it, and what’s in it for YOU […]

Claiming Races & Photo Finish™ LIVE

Hello there fellow horse racing enthusiasts! Welcome to yet another developer update, this time here on Medium. Today, we wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about a topic that is not well known (even in the horse racing industry) yet extremely important — CLAIMING RACES! Maybe you are interested in joining the Photo […]

Team Update + More!

Hello all! We’ve been hard at work on so many things with regards to development of both of our projects. Photo Finish continues to show great progress towards a Q1/Q2 launch, and The Suites (with the help of 302 Interactive) is nearing an important milestone of owners and players being able to enter their suites […]

Your Ticket To Racing!

EDIT: The breeding window is now closed! After months of building and testing the tool, it is finally ready. We thank everyone for their patience. Since this is THE tool which creates the first generation of in-game horses, it was hugely important for us to have the tool working as flawlessly as possible. Wait, breeding […]

Photo Finish™ LIVE | Economy Deep Dive

Hello Racers, Investors, and Enthusiasts! This is Paul Nirenberg, Lead Systems Designer at Third Time. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of the economic workings of our upcoming project, Photo Finish. We’ll be covering a few topics: Racing, Breeding, and Ownership so this should be a helpful window for anyone interested in the […]

Third Time @ Pegasus Cup, Gulfstream Park

The (Florida contingent of the) Photo Finish™ LIVE team had quite a time this last weekend of January! We had the distinct and wonderful privilege of attending the Pegasus World Cup Invitational Stakes at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida! Though the sun was bright in South Florida, there was a crisp chill breeze. Luckily, […]

Not Our First Derby…

We are continually blown away by the organic growth we are seeing every day in both our Twitter and Discord communities. There are new folks that arrive every day here in our exciting little universe, but many of you may not know that we’ve been building authentic, fun, fair, and strategic horse racing games for over 6 years now. […]