Photo Finish™ Focus: Twitter Spaces, Real Money, Crown Prep, What’s Ahead

Phewwww – let’s all take a collective deep breath. That was one helluva week! There are times when not much needs to be said because everyone can pretty much feel the gravity of the situation at hand, and January had just those vibes at Photo Finish™ LIVE as the game’s imminent bright future became more in […]

The Future Is Near: Real Money Race Testing Now LIVE

The game that’s as real as it gets is about to get so much more real.  Sharp stables eyes may have caught a handful of real money races that have already been populating the race page over the last few days as our team has begun rolling out the first-ever contests with actual real cold […]

Crown Prep Weekly: Waterloo Sunset, Sprint Series Scorecard, Real Money Racing

Let’s run it back!  Just as Saturdays at Photo Finish™ LIVE are dedicated to the platform’s biggest season-ending races, Mondays represent a fresh start on the track.  That being said, the first step in moving forward is to check the rearview mirror. In PFL language, that means reviewing what took place last weekend so your […]

The Weekender: Third Time Derby Chase, Crown Prep Registration, Twitter Spaces

Welcome, welcome, Photo Finish™ LIVE nation, to the Weekender — your one-stop shop covering everything you need to know about this weekend’s biggest races, events, and news. Things have been newsy lately, as PFL continues to gain steam in the New Year with both new users and our veterans as the game approaches the moments […]

Weekend Preview: Crown Prep Registration, Third Time Derby Chase, and Live Streams

Giddy up, everyone — the time has come to register your best racehorses for what is shaping up to be one of the most competitive weekends ever at Photo Finish™ LIVE! This week, our Third Time Derby leaderboard features some absolute beasts at the top pushing toward record Derby points totals. Couple that Derby excitement […]

Discord to Delray: Pocono and OEB Stables Connect IRL to Chat PFL

Stable owners Pocono and Singgeez didn’t know each other prior to joining the Photo Finish™ LIVE community, but that soon changed after spending months shoulder-to-shoulder in a virtual horse racing foxhole.  Worlds apart but connected through a shared interest in PFL, Pocono, the owner of Pocono Racing, based in Palm Beach, Florida, and Singgeez, the […]

Crown Prep Weekly: Derby, S10 Winners, and Community Race Calls

And we’re off!  The first weekend of 2023 saw another slate of pivotal season-ending Photo Finish™ LIVE action, with both the running of the Third Time Derby and the Season 10 finale Crown Prep Sprint Series.  As usual, our community showed up and showed out, with a handful of races going 15-wide down the stretch […]

Crown Prep Weekly: Season 7

What a weekend of furious furlongs it was on the Photo Finish™ LIVE racetracks! This past weekend’s Season 7 action will certainly be a moment nostalgically looked back upon for years to come, as the first-ever Third Time Derby took place alongside the prestigious slate of Crown Prep Sprint Series races. ICYMI, we have all […]

The Road to the Third Time Derby

This season’s Road to the Third Time Derby is nearing its destination, and its leaderboard is heating up as some of Photo Finish™ LIVE’s greatest stables jockey for the Top 20 position that will clinch entry into the crown jewel racing event.   With time to qualify for the Derby running out, let’s dive into everything […]