Crown Weekly: Back on Track

Season 15 is in full swing, and as the dust settles from the Kentucky Derby, Photo Finish™ LIVE is full speed ahead with an assortment of news, development updates, and marketing initiatives aimed at growing the game globally. We’ve got tons of news to share, so let’s touch on it all in this week’s Crown […]

Crown Weekly: Run for the Roses

Life is all about having something to look forward to. Something you go to bed and wake up thinking about. For everyone involved in Photo Finish™ and the entire horse racing world, the date we’ve circled on our calendars has arrived: May 4, 2024, the 150th Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is Christmas in May […]

$CROWN Listed on MEXC Exchange

Third Time Games is excited to announce that $CROWN, the utility token utilized within the Photo Finish™ LIVE virtual horse racing ecosystem, will be available on the globally popular MEXC exchange beginning on March 12, 14:00 UTC. Adding $CROWN to the MEXC exchange not only marks a significant step in our mission to make $CROWN […]

Crown Weekly: Road to Artemis

So, did anyone do anything fun over the weekend? Yeah, us neither. If you’re new to the program — and it appears many of you are — let this piece of the internet formally introduce itself: hello, hi, and welcome to the CROWN Weekly, your Monday morning Photo Finish™ LIVE pacesetter for the week ahead. […]

$CROWN Now Listed on Cube Exchange

Third Time Entertainment, creators of the real money virtual horse racing game Photo Finish™ LIVE,  is thrilled to announce the listing of its utility token, $CROWN, on Cube Exchange – a revolutionary crypto trading platform set to launch in the coming weeks.  The Cube listing marks the beginning of a new era for $CROWN, providing […]

Crown Weekly: Happy Foal’s Day!

Season 11 has arrived! The best thing about Photo Finish™ is, unlike your favorite TV show, when you’re done binging a season, there is always a new season available to dive right into. A brand new Foal’s Day. A fresh breeding window. Race schedule improvements and concentrated juice. Big news is on the horizon. Who […]

Crown Weekly: Road to the Kentucky Derby Begins

We’ve reached the final turn of Season 9, with this weekend’s Virtual Kentucky Derby in our sights. Between the exciting conclusion to Season 9 and the much-anticipated Season 10 windows soon arriving, there is Photo Finish™ news coming at us from all directions, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s wrap up last […]

Crown Weekly: Team Takeover

Put another brick on the Photo Finish™ wall, as we’ve officially hit the midway point of Season 9. From double-the-major Race fun to record sales, product updates, and an influx of new players, the past seven days have only strengthened the foundation as we inch toward the Virtual Kentucky Derby and the end of 2023. […]

Crown Weekly: Welcome to Season 9

Live comes at you fast here at Photo Finish™, meaning we have little time to waste mulling over the past with the future here and now. The Virtual Kentucky Derby just occurred, and Churchill Downs helped Photo Finish™ promote the event across several social media channels. Season 9 is here; it’s Foal’s Day, and the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to $CROWN Whitepaper

Let’s be honest — most people don’t have much experience dissecting token whitepapers. But it’s become a commonly accepted necessary aspect of many Web3 projects. Regarding Photo Finish™, you want to understand the shortest distance between horse and success, but digging in deep to understand CROWN is the bridge you first must cross. No worries, […]