Crown Weekly: Team Takeover

Put another brick on the Photo Finish™ wall, as we’ve officially hit the midway point of Season 9. From double-the-major Race fun to record sales, product updates, and an influx of new players, the past seven days have only strengthened the foundation as we inch toward the Virtual Kentucky Derby and the end of 2023. […]

Crown Weekly: Welcome to Season 9

Live comes at you fast here at Photo Finish™, meaning we have little time to waste mulling over the past with the future here and now. The Virtual Kentucky Derby just occurred, and Churchill Downs helped Photo Finish™ promote the event across several social media channels. Season 9 is here; it’s Foal’s Day, and the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to $CROWN Whitepaper

Let’s be honest — most people don’t have much experience dissecting token whitepapers. But it’s become a commonly accepted necessary aspect of many Web3 projects. Regarding Photo Finish™, you want to understand the shortest distance between horse and success, but digging in deep to understand CROWN is the bridge you first must cross. No worries, […]