A Message to Our Community

Third Time Entertainment

In the wake of current events that have transpired over the last few days, our team here at Third Time thought it important we take a moment to touch base with The Suites and Photo Finish™ LIVE communities in order to reassure everyone that our products stand stronger than ever and remain on schedule.

While the FTX news does not fundamentally impact the products our team is building, we recognize market turmoil creates uncertainty, even surrounding the best projects and most proven teams. 

As you all well know, The Suites and Photo Finish™ LIVE are in advanced building stages, thus, for our purposes, what matters most is the functionality, performance, and reliability of the Solana network – all of which are things that have never been stronger.

That being said, both products maintain a level of chain-agnostic functionality. Even if the Solana network were to go down entirely, our products would continue to be able to operate unaffected.

To be crystal clear – nothing happening in the market today has an impact on our future.

If anything, we feel better than ever about what we’re building. 

As the saying goes – in calm waters, every ship has a good captain; it’s in choppy waters that you find out who the real leaders are. 

As the announcement of our partnership with @VaynerSports on the same day red tidal waves came crashing down on the market should indicate, Third Time doesn’t intend on anchoring our ship in the harbor during this, or any, storm. 

Regardless of the circumstances, our team has one motto – progress, not perfection. 

We keep building. It’s what we do.

Whether that means all-nighters building Madden at EA Sports, or ensuring we hit our deadline of launching Beta V2 this past week, we build. We produce. Then we build some more. 

Our products always have and always will speak for themselves, market drama be damned. 

And, we aren’t easily shaken. We’re typing this from a laptop connected to an iPhone hotspot in a house with no electricity thanks to Hurricane Nicole.

Last, but not least, our team wanted to make sure not only our communities, but everyone knows it’s OK to not feel OK right now. Please make sure you’re taking some time for yourself, practicing self-care, and surrounding yourself with good people.

If you have any questions or concerns, or just need someone to talk you through a stressful time, please do so on our Discord Channel. We’re here to help. 

Because, hell – isn’t that what a community in web3 is supposed to be all about? 

So, good talk. 

TL;DR – we’re all good, and we appreciate you.

Now, let’s go race some freakin’ virtual horses on the blockchain.

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