The Suites | Virtual Horse Racing Metaverse


Our FOCUS is simple - we are aiming to recreate the feeling of being with YOUR BRETHREN in a luxurious virtual suite, watching live streams of events together. Ever gone to that local pub dedicated to a single team during a game? Do you remember your last Super Bowl party?


Third Time, Inc is the development studio behind The Suites. The team has 70+ years combined creating AAA games, and deep industry contacts in both sports AND game development for future partnerships. Third Time was founded by Ian Cummings - former Madden NFL Creative Director and FanDuel Design Director. 


The unfortunate reality of the crypto space right now is a near infinite amount of projects with empty promises (+even rug pulls). So, don't listen to our words, try the prototype yourself and join a Suite with your friends!

Join a Demo Suite!

Win $SUITE Tokens Without Wagering!

Compete in sports-themed betting contests within The Suites and win real prizes without wagering. The higher the participants, the higher the rewards!

  • Free To Try

    Free to play sports betting contests with $SUITE token awards to winners!

  • Play To Earn

    Log in and complete fun and simple achievements for extra $SUITE tokens

  • Variety

    More and more games added over time!

Your Very Own Invite-only Home In The Sports Metaverse!

The Suites were released on January 16th, 2022 and sold out in UNDER A SECOND!

  • Total supply of 4,932 Suites available at Mint:
  • 4,444 “Club” Suites
  • 444 “Executive” Suites
  • 44 “Owner’s Suites”
  • The primary difference between each suite is the Max Occupancy
  • 68 special collection “Private Suites” are being held for VIP’s to be utilized for marketing purposes

Project Roadmap

Phase 1
  • Idea Generation + Market Research
  • Social Media Setup
  • Team Hiring
  • Working Playable Demo
  • Live Multiplayer Integration
  • Live Chat
Phase 2
  • NFT launch
  • Featured on MagicEden
  • Jan 12 2022
Phase 4
  • $SUITE Game Release
  • External Streaming Partners
  • @SUITE Token IDO
  • New Feature Advancement
Phase 3
  • Private Suite Release
  • Live Streaming
  • $SUITE Play To Earn Prototyping

Token Distribution

Meet The Team

Ian Cummings

Founder, CEO

Paul Fleetwood

Chief Technical Officer

Brian Fleming

Chief Creative Officer

Abhijit Lothe

VP / Engineering Lead

Brian Peganoff

Head of Strategy

Michael Edelnant

VP / Experience Director

Justin Morgan

VP / Production

Christopher Vance

Principal Developer

Paul Nirenberg

Senior Designer

Thomas Cargle

Game Developer

Jeremy Siegel

Community Mgr. / Composer

Kyle Gray

Senior Software Engineer

Meet Our Advisors

Tom Goedde


Jerome Collin


Walt Hessert


Sabah M. Al Sabah


Our Investors