Season 11 Updates: Concentrated Juice & Major Purses Grow


Season 11 will feature two additional tweaks and improvements: Concentrated Horse Pick Subsidy and Increased Major Race Purses! 

Beginning in Season 11, we’re trialing a more focused, concentrated system of subsidizing horse picks. This aims to focus our players’ horse pick attention on the ‘Hottest Action’ and biggest races rather than the previous method of casting a wider net across many races.

We’re also pleased to be, once again, upping the ante by funneling racing ecosystem gains back to our players in the form of increased Major Race purse sizes.  

Here’s what you need to know:

Season 11 Horse Pick Subsidy Changes 

Beginning in Season 11, rather than being dispersed throughout the day, horse picks subsidy resources will become more focused and concentrated on select races throughout the day. 

Below are the details: 

  • Selection Limit: Horse Picks will now be exclusively for races with subsidized pick pools. Non-subsidized races will not be open for horse picks. This is not a permanent measure, but one that will allow us to market and better define player involvement in horse picks. 
  • Concentrated Juice: The horse subsidy per horse in these races jumps from $12 to $50 or more, making participation even more enticing and accessible. 
  • Daily Focus: Expect a handful of select ‘Hottest Action’ races daily. These races can be found by expanding the schedule on the home page.
  • Pick Windows Expanded: Horse Pick windows will now expand from two to four hours from the closing of race registration. 
  • After Dark and Major Races: Juice for all After Dark and Major Races will remain proportionate to the number of horses in each race. Beginning on January 20, After Dark races have a pre-set subsidy of 2,400 $DERBY per horse. 

Finding ‘Subsidized’ Races: A Simple Guide

  • Visit the Home Page.
  • Click on ‘Expand Schedule’ (beneath the video player)
  • Look out for the ‘Hottest Action’ races.
  • Identify with the Juice Box Logos
  • View the ‘Horse Subsidy’ per horse for each race.

Upping the Ante on Major Races

Considerable gains in participation on the racetracks in previous seasons mean that even in Season 11, we’ve once again upped the Major Series purse prizes. 

Below is a breakdown of what to expect in Season 11: 

  • Major Race purse prizes have been raised to 560,000 $DERBY ($7,000)
  • Undercard purse prizes have been raised to 280,000 $DERBY ($3,500)

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