Crown Weekly: Happy Foal’s Day!


Season 11 has arrived!

The best thing about Photo Finish™ is, unlike your favorite TV show, when you’re done binging a season, there is always a new season available to dive right into.

A brand new Foal’s Day. A fresh breeding window. Race schedule improvements and concentrated juice. Big news is on the horizon.

Who has it better than us? Nobody, that’s who.

There is no need to update your software; we’ve already set you up for a new and improved version of Photo Finish™ in Season 11.

Let’s dive in.

Kentucky Derby Weekend

What better way to end Season 10 than with a ginormous day filled with $27,000 in free entry race prize pools, one legendary upset, and SOLmate Stables winning a Virtual Kentucky Derby?

That’s precisely what happened this past weekend as Fat Fingers took down the biggest race of the season, the $2,800 purse prize, and a piece of web3 gaming history. 

What’s even more incredible than watching the best horses square off against the best in the biggest race in Photo Finish™ history? 

Watching a MASSIVE 22×1 underdog, the A-graded Minimal Effort, take down the $2,800 first-place prize in the Twin Spires Sprint undercard. HUGE.

What a weekend. What a season. Let’s do it again, shall we?

Happy Foal’s Day! 

Can’t stop, won’t stop. That’s the mantra at Photo Finish™ LIVE. 

Where one season ends, the next begins, so we shall do it all again, beginning with another rendition of everyone’s favorite day to take off work, Foal’s Day! 

ICYMI, Ryan & Bryce hosted a Foal’s Day Spaces. Go in there and listen to all the excitement and a little tease of some cool news! 

Kamino Launches CROWN-SOL Vault

Exciting news! This past week, it was announced that Kamino Finance had launched a $CROWN-SOL vault. 

To celebrate, the Kamino team joined the PFL Discord for a live AMA where they answered questions about what the news means and how the community can use it to their advantage. 

If you missed the Live AMA, no worries. We’ll make sure to keep the community updated on all things Kamino and how you can take advantage of their services moving forward.

Change Log

ICYMI, no, you didn’t. As if Photo Finish™ custom, we’ll notify you of product updates and changes that impact and, better yet, improve gameplay along the way. 

Third Time Games CEO & Founder Ian Cummings dropped a plentiful change log in Discord this past week. Below is a recap of those changes. 

  • Update Benchmark Rating to use ALL races in history except for Handicaps
  • Support for custom track names/logos
  • Additional support for ALL approved Solana wallets, not just Phantom and Solflare
  • Improved Welcome/Onboarding user experience
  • Addition of ‘QuickStart Guide’
  • UX / Layout improvements + updated copy on all “Learn to Play” docs
  • Additional Benchmark race type of “MAX”, not just “RANGE.”
  • Various UI/UX/Layout improvements
  • Reliability improvements to PFP Staking and Unstaking, as well as CROWN withdrawals
  • Ignore maiden races in the “Non-Winners of X” race condition
  • Make all grade-based allowances use an even weight of -2lbs per grade 
  • New Season 11 Schedule!

Season 11 Schedule:!Richie

The last item on that change log is the largest – Season 11 schedule changes! 

Due to its importance and our commitment to keeping the community informed and in lockstep with the team’s decision-making, Director of Product Richie Choi dropped a lot of words on the subject in the community blog.

If you want to learn more about the schedule changes, why they occurred, and what they mean for your stable, read Richie’s manifesto in the community blog. 

Click here to read more about Season 11 schedule changes.

Season 11 Rookie Rally

The first season of Rookie Rally races, specifically for new players, has ended with 48k $DERBY and 1000 $CROWN won in free entry races!

For Season 11, players can obtain Rookie Rally roles in their Discord, which allows access to one of this season’s four Rookie Rally races.

New players should join the Beginner channel in Discord to get the role and access.

For more information, read this article about registering for the Rookie Rally race series.

PFL Welcomes Olympic Medalist Chris Walker-Hebborn

This past week, Great Britain Olympian and 2016 silver medalist swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn joined the Photo Finish™ community after acquiring a Stylish Stud PFP. He’s since taken the plunge by acquiring his first-ever horse and, thus, began a deep dive into the PFL community and the racing ecosystem as a whole.

Now a full-fledged PFP and racehorse card-carrying member, we caught up with CWH to discuss his thoughts on the game, what attracted him to PFL, and diving deep into web3 after a life in the pool.

Read the full story in the community blog.

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