Not Our First Derby…


We are continually blown away by the organic growth we are seeing every day in both our Twitter and Discord communities.

There are new folks that arrive every day here in our exciting little universe, but many of you may not know that we’ve been building authentic, fun, fair, and strategic horse racing games for over 6 years now.

Search the Google Play or Apple App Stores for our previous games!

Our most recent mobile game, Horse Racing Manager, is very much a blueprint for the new game we are building. It has been out since 2018, and approaches the sport from the perspective of being a horse owner (rather than the first game which was more akin to being a jockey). It is in essence a breeding simulation with live races being run every 5 minutes, in a world shared with other players. So, if you’re looking for more info on the new game we are building, here’s some key details on the last one:


  • + Millions of downloads, still maintains 4.6 star rating
  • + It’s been running live for over 3.5 years, 160+ Weekly “Seasons”
  • + Millions and millions and millions of races simulated
  • + Hundreds of millions of horses bred, thousands and thousands of generations deep
  • + Massive amounts of tuning towards authenticity and realism
  • + Proven to be extremely fair and balanced — brand new players can and do come in and win
  • + Strategic decision-making required for successful breeding
  • + Very deep genetics and attributes system for horses
  • + Natural system of horses aging out and retiring keeps players dedicated and challenge fresh
  • + Has a PVE element to play at your own pace


  • – Is a F2P loot-box based game, so therefore big payers can get advantages
  • – Is a bit too difficult to pick up and learn as a casual player
  • – Doesn’t have wagering (Apple / Google)
  • – Doesn’t have real money (Apple / Google)
  • – Doesn’t have Peer to Peer trading / breeding
  • – Graphics are from ~2016 era

So we’re basically looking to improve on the feature set for the new version here while being able to “fix” a few things about it switching it from a closed economy to an open one. We highly recommend reading our Public Roadmap as a quick way to visualize many of the upcoming deliverables for the next 6 to 12 months.

Our Team

Our team of 10 is full of veterans highly experienced at building AAA sports games — we worked for many years at EA Sports, Zynga, and FanDuel, and collectively have worked on 30+ shipped titles. We pride ourselves on authenticity and attention to detail, and have the resume to prove it. There are too many projects in the blockchain space with lofty promises and no track record of delivering, and we don’t want to see our fellow gamers out there get rugged! Here’s a collection of shipped games our team members were a part of:

Madden 2001
NASCAR Thunder 2002
Madden 2003
NASCAR Thunder 2003
NCAA Football 2003
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Madden 2004
NCAA Football 2004
Madden 2005
EA Sports Fantasy Football
NFL Head Coach
Madden 06
Madden 07
NCAA Football 07
Madden 08
NCAA Football 08
Tiger Woods Golf 08
NFL Tour
Madden 09
NCAA Football 09
Tiger Woods Golf 09
Madden 10
Madden 11
Madden 12
Madden 20
Madden 21
Tiger Woods Online
The Sims Online
EA Sports Golf Challenge (Facebook)
Woodland Heroes (Facebook)
Letter By Letter (mobile)
Ninja Kingdom (Facebook)
NFL Showdown (mobile)
Photo Finish (mobile)
Horse Racing Manager (mobile)
Ultimate Golf (mobile)
Tap Sports Fishing (mobile)

Third Time Founder Ian Cummings (front) after directing a
Madden motion capture shoot

We welcome you to join us on Discord and get to know us, we’re very active and love talking with our community! We will do future posts here introducing each and every member of the team over time.

See you on the track!

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