Introducing “The Suites”


You are cordially invited to The Suites! Have you ever wanted to meet and hang out with like minded fans of a team, sport, e-sport, or event in a single place?

Proof of concept prototype of The Suites

Much has been made recently about “The Metaverse” and what it can someday become (everything? probably nothing?). We aim to stand out from the crowd due to 3 key points:

1) Focus
2) Team
3) Demo


Our FOCUS is simple — we are aiming to recreate the feeling of being with YOUR BRETHREN in a luxurious virtual suite, watching live streams of events together. Ever gone to that local pub dedicated to a single team during a game? Remember your last Super Bowl party? Looking through this lens, we aim to build everything compelling about being IN or AROUND sports and esports. That means eventually integrating live audio chat, wagering live, and allowing players to celebrate TOGETHER…just like these actors shooting stock videos!

Look how much fun they’re having!


Our TEAM is very experienced. The creator of The Suites is Third Time Inc — led by former Madden NFL Creative Director and FanDuel Design Director Ian Cummings. 50+ years making AAA games, and deep industry contacts in both sports AND game development for future partnerships.

To add to this, the we have held two successful mints so far, selling 15,000 total NFT’s on Solana for Photo Finish™ LIVE.

We have hired a second dev team to dedicate 100% to The Suites (so neither project will be spread thin).

This also means the very first tight integration with The Suites will be with Photo Finish™ LIVE  — members and attendees in suites will be able to watch live streams of virtual horse races and eventually place wagers with and against each other!

“Daddy needs this Trifecta, or else there’s no Christmas this year…”


If we’ve learned anything developing on #solana so far, it’s that there are a near infinite amount of projects with empty promises (+even rug pulls). So, don’t listen to our words, try the prototype yourself and join a Suite with your friends!


Want a Suite of your own to host your own groups of friends? We will be minting a supply of 4,932 Suites.

Date? Soon. Price? TBD

44 will be “Owner’s Box” Suites
444 will be “Executive” Suites
4444 will be “Club” Suites

The primary difference between Suites is the Max Occupancy.

“The Champagne Room awaits…”

Join The Suites Discord to learn more:

There are future exciting partnerships and opportunities being discussed as we speak. This is the very beginning.

We can’t wait to see you in The Suites!

Want to join the fun?

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