Virtual Horse Racing Photo Finish

Photo Finish™ LIVE is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing ecosystem where you can race against other real life owners and create generations and generations of unique offspring featuring the most advanced simulated genetic breeding algorithm in the world.

Build and breed your stable of champions, and take home real money prizes while you do it!

Become a Virtual Horse Owner!

Your chance to create the first bloodlines in the most authentic virtual horse racing simulation in history. 

  • Beginning A Dynasty

    There are only 4,450 'Generation Zero' race horses that will ever enter the Photo Finish ecosystem. Thousands of offspring in the future will be bred with these original horses at the beginning of the bloodline.

  • Grades

    Each Generation Zero horse has a baseline performance which is denoted by it's Grade. The grades range from B to A to S, with plus and minus marks in between. Future generations will be able to grow both stronger and weaker, based on breeding.

  • Attributes

    All horses have a variety of attributes that determine how well they perform in competition. As an owner, you can choose whether to gamble with a raw speed demon that has subpar temper, or aim for consistency with a lower grade horse that can consistently win in lower stakes races.

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The most authentic virtual horse racing simulation in history

Real Money Racing

Every minute of every day, a variety of races are available for you! Pay an entry fee to enter the race, and the winners get paid out once the race is completed!* Races vary across a multitude of real-life factors, from varying prize pools to weather, track conditions, distances and more. Put your skill to the test as an owner by entering your horses in the highest stakes races you think they can win based on what you know about their strengths and weaknesses!

Genetics-Based Breeding

NFT-based horse genetics are the lifeblood of Photo Finish. Look no further than our years of experience with Horse Racing Manager, a game with the most in depth breeding and bloodline simulation on the market, with players spending years mastering their breeding strategies to create powerhouse stables. 100% true-life accurate coat color genetics are combined with in-depth attributes like Temper, Speed, Stamina, target distances, preferred track conditions, and more.

Verifiable NFT Ownership

The core behind Photo Finish Horse Racing is provable ownership, utilizing NFT's and the Blockchain. Every single horse is a unique asset with unique traits and genetics, and at any time anyone can use a blockchain explorer to verify the ownership of a given horse. The players are in full control of the horse economy.

Horse Lifespans

Every four weeks in real life ages all horses in the ecosystem by 1 year. This constant pull of a deflationary economy of horses aging keeps the game fresh and evergreen. A new “season” runs every 4 weeks, with hundreds or thousands of races available to enter, with a set of 3 premier races of the highest stakes each season to crown the most prestigious “Three Race Champion”.


We are building the most authentic and accurate virtual Horse Racing universe, and the marketplace is no exception. Players can buy, sell, trade, and auction their horses on an open Marketplace, as all horses are unique NFT's living on Blockchain. Initial drops of horses will be released by Third Time, but the community will be largely responsible for the entirety of market as they breed new foals for generations to come.

Spectator Wagering

Not quite ready to own your own stable? Fans of the sport will be able to tune into our live feed, 24/7, and place real money wagers on races before they happen.* Picking winners in our simulation requires skill and research, and the best punters out there can utilize stats and prior race data to try and predict future results from the field. An accurate Horse Racing simulation shouldn't be just some simple random number generation using Stamina and Speed. We implement a very complex and scientific approach utilizing generations and generations of expert breeding, so the wagering community will always have something to dig deeper into.

* in participating territories


Our Plan For Releasing The World’s Most Authentic Horse Racing Virtual Universe.

Phase 1
Q1-Q2 2022
  • Generation 0 Horses
  • Photo Finish Live Beta
  • Early Marketplace Online
  • Breeding + Horse Lifespans
  • $DERBY & $CROWN Economy
Phase 2
Q3-Q4 2022
  • Beta Version 2
  • Real Prize Money Integration
  • Wagering Beta
  • Strategic Partnerships
Phase 3
Q1-Q2 2023
  • Full Platform Launched
  • Wagering Beta


HALF of all governance token $CROWN dedicated to the community!

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