Meet the Business and Marketing Team: Group Q&A


Introducing the Third Time Games Business and Marketing team!

Today, we’re thrilled to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the brilliant minds steering the growth ship at Third Time Games, with a particular focus on their business and marketing missions.

These four individuals come from all walks of life – a diverse group with experiences ranging from commercial real estate to tech giants like Google, and even some plucked right from our own Photo Finish™ community.

As we begin a monumental year for the blockchain gaming industry, these individuals are gearing up to stand at the forefront of our goal to bring Photo Finish™ center stage in the lead-up to the 150th Kentucky Derby.

To give you an idea of what the team is about, we went around the horn with some rapid-fire questions that should offer a glimpse into who they are, what they’ll be focused on, and why our players should be excited to have their boots on the ground, working to bring PFL to the masses.

Third Time Games Ryan Duguid (left) spreading the word of Photo Finish™ at a recent gathering.

Before diving in, let’s introduce ourselves around the room. Tell the people who you are and what you do, and your main focus for Third Time will be in 2024 and beyond.

Travis Bjorklund, Head of Marketing:

I’m Travis Bjorklund — just a regular guy who’s been around the tech block and learned a thing or two.

I’ve worked with teams like Google and Rackspace in tech and rode the startup rollercoaster a time or two. I joined Third Time in late December, spent the holidays getting up to speed, and am ready to roll in 2024.

My main focus will definitely be to make Photo Finish™ a household name in gaming.

Curtis Parker (aka Tex), Growth & Partnerships:

I’m Curt Parker, aka Tex; I’ve been a superfan and a day one of the Photo Finish™ Live community.

I have 20 years of experience working in the commercial real estate industry. I’m a horse racing fanatic, a Bitcoin and crypto enthusiast, and a PFL Executive Club member. My focus will be to secure sponsors and partnerships that will spur Photo Finish’s growth, making it a multi-industry, most-recognizable brand and enhancing the quality of our players’ experiences.

Ryan Duguid, Business Development, Asia & Middle East:

My name is Ryan Duguid, and I’m the BD Lead for Asia and the Middle East for Third Time Games. Some of you already read about me and my efforts for Third Time in this blog. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with so many more people and teams in places such as the Phillipines and Dubai. 

My focus this year will be to help expand the ecosystem into additional markets with a strong horse racing culture, like the UAE, Hong Kong, and Japan, and locations like the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam with significant blockchain/gaming adoption.

AJ McDonald, Business Development:

I’m AJ McDonald, a business development and sales professional, and my main focus for Third Time is to identify and seek out strategic sponsors and partnerships for Third Time Entertainment and PFL to help grow revenue, the game, and brand awareness.

First impression: What are you most excited about getting after regarding your plans for Photo Finish™ in 2024?


I’m pumped to dive headfirst into Photo Finish™. I’ve been into crypto for a long time, but from what I’ve seen at PFL, this feels like successful startup vibes from back in the day.

My plan? Let’s shake things up in the marketing game, making Photo Finish™ as familiar as the Triple Crown winners in everyone’s living room. Why not us? We’re already the Official Game of the Kentucky Derby and on NBC Sports every year.


I’m stoked about the ride; the starting gate has just opened. This is going to be genuine passion work for me. This magical mixture of crypto, horse racing, video games, and this community; I mean, this is “it.” I’m eager to work with incredible organizations and brands that share the same goals as Third Time and want to seize the opportunity to be truly innovative.


I’m most excited about continuing to explore relationships in the ever-expanding Web3 community of the UAE. They are taking charge of providing regulatory clarity for the industry and are very open to all the possibilities surrounding blockchain gaming.


I am super excited about partnering with racetracks. We know that there is a large, and mostly untapped, population of horse racing fans worldwide. Working directly with the tracks is a fun place to start, learn, and iterate on how we can bring more horse racing fans into web3 and virtual ownership.

Everyone brings something unique to the Third Time Games team table; what past experiences or expertise are you excited about lending to PFL in 2024 that will take it from a Web3 success story to a world-known household name?

Travis: Bringing my tech know-how from Google, Rackspace, and the hustle from SwagUp to Photo Finish™. We’re here to shake things up.

The Photo Finish™ product has spoken for itself since launch — the analytics and sheer vibes are undeniable — now it’s time to spread the word to those who may not be online 24/7 or plugged into the ever-evolving Discord-Web3-NFT gaming scene.


As someone who can speak the same languages of all the realms that Photo Finish™ touches, I wholeheartedly believe I can help bring about the goals and visions we’ve all discussed over the past two years. I’ve worked with various assets, people, and challenges in the real estate industry.

These experiences have helped prepare and, in some cases, hardened me for the quest ahead of us.


I’m looking forward to sharing my past experiences with the blockchain and IRL gaming industries to help Third Time bring in more users who like playing the ponies. Also, I’m excited to take full advantage of my comfort traveling in different parts of the world and the network that has come along with that to bring Photo Finish™ to the masses.


My best skill set is my ability to align incentives. Strategic partnerships, programs, and sponsorships require much thought, passion, and energy to get just right.

We are working in uncharted waters and have huge ambitions. My optimistic attitude, passion, and skillset can help us.

Picture this: The elevator doors open on Floor 33, and I walk in. How are you pitching me Photo Finish™ before we hit the hotel lobby? And don’t be all weird and preachy about it.


I’d probably quickly pull my phone out, point to the product, and explain it’s more than a game – it’s the thrill of being a real racehorse owner brought into the virtual world, where people are winning tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes, a month.

Web3 is a gaming revolution, and through top-notch tech, ideologies, and overall product, nobody is doing it like Photo Finish™ is.


Is hitting the emergency stop button and pulling out my phone to show you the current live race weird? A little?

While 33 floors is a short ride, and one can go on about Photo Finish Live, I would start by explaining how a dream team of superstar developers, who oversaw “the heydays” of Madden and other major sports titles at EA, have created the most amazing and true-to-life horse racing video game and platform in existence.

Then, like Travis said, I’d pull out my phone and let the game do the rest of the talking.


So the guys behind Madden NFL made a play-to-earn horse racing game that also happens to be the official game of the Kentucky Derby. We are expanding it globally this year.

Then, I’d wait for the eyebrows to rise and the questions to come. Because they always want to know more. 


I’m watching a race on my phone and getting excited about my horse in a race. You walk in and catch a glance at what’s going on. I see you looking over, and I say That’s my horse in second. We’re racing for $300 bucks.

My horse finishes in first, and we’re both stoked. 

What is the most significant selling point Photo Finish™ has going for it? What’s the one thing every player should tell their ‘normie’ friends about the game that will make that light bulb flicker on?


Photo Finish™ stands out with its mix of strategy and community. It hooks you from the first race because your performance directly correlates to the real money that goes into your account.

Gamers used to get high-fives for being good at their favorite game. Now, they can make real money. That message alone translates well to anyone and everyone.

It’s not just a game.


The game economy and platform. When I mention the “horse business” side, the light bulb burns bright and hot. The engagement becomes lively, and the questions become rapid and intelligent.

People are drawn to the idea of all the strategies that can be employed in the game.


The most significant selling point to me is that everything that makes the world of horse racing go around financially is being replicated in the game. If it’s big business IRL, it will be big business in the game—breeding, racing, betting, etc.

There are many different avenues for different price points and risk appetites. 


Photo Finish™ is one of the most well-designed products and ecosystems in all of Web3. It is an exciting new way for people to experience and participate in horse racing.

Everyone here has a dream partner, sponsor, or Photo Finish™ relationship dreamt up in their head. For you, what is that dream, or who is that brand you’d want to see the game next to on the main stage?


Let’s aim high for Photo Finish™. With Churchill and the Derby behind us, plenty of conversations that otherwise may not be attainable will be had.

If I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming up working with Apple at a tech flair, Tesla on innovation, Nike for lifestyle, and Coca-Cola for global reach.

These partnerships could take Photo Finish™ from a Web3 project to a billboard on an interstate level. We’ll work our way up to these things, but you asked me what I dream about, and I shoot for the stars.


Seeing every major classic real-life race represented in the game. I can picture looking at any of the major race days in a Photo Finish™ season and seeing all the familiar names of major classic stakes races and all the lead-up of race day carnivals packed with a fantastic list of sponsors and partners.

Every physical racetrack should be represented in the virtual horse racing world, just like stadiums are in Madden or racetracks are in a NASCAR game. This team helped build both games in the past.


After visiting both this past year, a partnership with the Meydan in Dubai and Happy Valley in Hong Kong. The experiences in each location were terrific for a variety of different reasons.

I’ve had many conversations with people in awe of what Photo Finish™ is doing. It just takes the right mix of players to make it all together.


My dream partner/sponsor will quickly integrate thousands more into the game — Phantom Wallet. We have brought many new users to the Solana ecosystem, and many choose Phantom as their wallet.

Seeing PFL and Phantom work closely this year would bring many more people from outside this space and from other chains into the Web3/Solana ecosystem.

Web3 gaming is much about community and how they can help market the game. For those looking to assist in marketing and business development plans, what would be the best way to support you?


In the Web3 race, community support is gold. Got any contacts or leads? Let’s team up and take Photo Finish™ down the home stretch.

We’ll cross the finish line in style with all of our networks and my know-how.


As much as my goal is to add to the success of Third Time, our partnerships, and the game itself, I want to see the goals and dreams of the community fulfilled. We can benefit from our vast and robust network.

I’ve always been in the PFL community and know that a huge part of what will lead to success is a team marketing effort if you have something, reach out to me.


I would love for the community to contact me directly. Get in touch with Ryan, Bryce, or Fib in Discord (until I’m there!), and we’ll talk shop.

Reach out if you have an idea or connection about the blockchain/gaming industry in Asia or the Middle East. 

Warm intros go a long way in this industry, and I’m happy to explore and encourage whatever ideas the community would like to bring to the table.


Community involvement is key. If you’re eager to support our marketing and business development efforts, the best way is to leverage your network. Your active participation in promoting the game within your circles and on social media platforms can significantly amplify reach (as we’ve seen already happen). 

As new opportunities arise for you to be involved – like bounties, discussions, and more – the best way you can support us is to participate actively!

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