Meet Mo and Vault, Hosts of Photo Finish™ LIVE ‘Night at the Races’


Whether it be popular mainstream video games or those based on emerging web3 technologies such as Photo Finish™ LIVE,  a strong band of content creators are vital in helping entertain and inform fellow players, while at the same time encouraging new people to join the fun. 

For PFL, Mo and Vault’s ‘Night at the Races’ bi-weekly series airing each Friday and Saturday night is just that – the epidemy of players showcasing a game worthy of attention, all in the name of entertainment and comradery. 

Mo and Vault recently sat down with PFL to discuss life inside and outside the game, how the duo met, and the future of their streaming careers. With the launch of Beta 3 on the horizon, the duo is sure to have much to cover in the coming weeks. 

PFL: Give the community a little insight into who you are and what attracted you first to join the PF community

Mo: I’m an over-the-hill musician and graphic designer from Long Island that’s been hanging out at the track since I was 2 years old. I’ve always just liked to watch the horses run, there’s something calming about it to me. 

Vault: I’m a single father from Southern Indiana. In High School, I used to spend every Derby week and the week prior working on Skye Terrace (Millionaire’s Row) as a busboy and waiter. 

I’ve been a recreational gamer since Pitfall on Atari and played several simulation horse racing games in the past, so as a fan of NFTs, gaming, and horse racing, Photo Finish™ LIVE was a great fit for me.

PFL: How did you guys end up deciding to launch ‘Night at the Races’?

Mo: We actually met through one of Vault’s VeVe drop streams, and after I discovered he was also a horse racing fan, I took a shot and asked if he wanted to start something up – and, thus, “Night at the Races” was born. 

Vault’s been regretting it ever since! 

PFL: Vault, you have almost 18,000 subscribers that follow you on Youtube –  how did you gain such a large following in such a short period of time? 

Vault: I started my YouTube channel less than 2 years ago to teach people which tricks worked best on particular NFT drops and to give my advice on which NFT platforms are the best to invest in. 

I believe it was my live streams that really boosted my audience. 

PFL: Mo, you’re undoubtedly the voice of the ‘Night at the Races’ franchise, lending your race calls to the stream. Was calling races something you did prior to PFL? 

Mo: That is very kind to say! I used to do vintage horse race call voices as a kid when we were all running around the neighborhood. That was back in the day before we were all glued to our phones. 

I would certainly love to try and call real horse races, and I’m looking into it.  If you’re reading this, Larry Collmus, hit me up, man! 

PFL: ‘Night at the Races’ has been a dependable backbone of PFL content for months now — are there any plans to supercharge things as we progress to real money-only Beta 3, and eventually a full live launch?

Mo: We really appreciate everyone who has put us into their weekend schedule to come to hang out for the races. We’re working on new ideas that include implementing ideas that will increase chat interaction, including giveaways and contests. 

I think it would be fun to have Vault and I square off in a ‘Pardon The Interruption’ style debate, or maybe get some more degenerates for the PFL episode of ‘Around The Horn’

Vault: Yeah – we want to strike while the iron’s hot. This is prime time to start making content for a game that is poised to make some serious noise.

Mo: We’re so excited for what’s to come, and you can bet ‘Night at the Races’ will be delivering all things PFL every Friday and Saturday night!

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