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What Happens When Horses Age?

In Photo Finish™ LIVE, horses age as real time passes. Every 28 day season in the game is a year of a horse’s life.

As horses age, two major things occur:

  • Different actions become available.
  • Race performance changes.

Age-Based Actions

Only horses of certain ages may Race or Breed…

  • Age 0 & Age 1: Horses are too young to do anything.
  • Age 2: May only compete in Juvenile races
  • Age 3-8: May optionally retire to breed and can run any tier of race except for Juvenile races.
  • Age 9 – 25: Horses are mandatorily retired but may breed.
  • Age 25: Your horse dies.

Race Performance Changes

Every horse in Photo Finish™ LIVE has a peak age. During this time, the horse will run its absolute best. At other times, its performance will be closer to standard. The peak is a curve that can last months or years. All factors that determine the strength and length of a horse’s peak are genetic. However, a horse’s peak information is not visible. Instead, players may deduce it by watching the horse’s race performance.

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