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What does my horse’s status mean?

Every horse in Photo Finish™ LIVE has a status that lets you know how it is feeling. A horse’s status lets you know what actions it can perform, and Horse Status may change quite often, depending on your in-game actions.

Ready to Race: A horse that’s Ready to Race can register for races or be sold to other players. It has no outstanding debts, increased injury risk, or negative conditions. Note: All horses have a small chance to become injured during a race. Horses that are recovering from a recent race have a much higher chance.

Recovering: A horse that’s Recovering has run a race recently. It can register for races or be sold. However, if it races before the recovery timer ends, it has an increased risk of becoming Injured.

Exhausted: A horse that’s Exhausted has raced very recently. It cannot register for races but it can still retire for breeding or be sold to other players.

Injured: A horse that’s Injured needs to heal before it can race again until time has passed and its medical bill has been paid. You can pay this medical bill on the horse’s page. As an alternative, injuries do not prevent retirement or breeding. Some players choose this option if continuing to race does not seem worth the cost.

Retired: A Retired horse cannot register for races, but it can breed or be sold on the market. Male horses can also be put on the Stud Market where players can use them as breeding partners by paying you a fee.

Pregnant: A Pregnant horse is a mare that is carrying a foal. It cannot breed or register for races, but it can be sold (with the pregnancy) on the market. Foals will arrive at the beginning of the season after the pregnancy.

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