Crown Prep Weekly: Season 7


What a weekend of furious furlongs it was on the Photo Finish™ LIVE racetracks!

This past weekend’s Season 7 action will certainly be a moment nostalgically looked back upon for years to come, as the first-ever Third Time Derby took place alongside the prestigious slate of Crown Prep Sprint Series races.

ICYMI, we have all the details inside this week’s Crown Prep Weekly.


Third Time Derby 

10 Furlongs | Left | Dirt

Win: Delmos

Place: Stardust

Show: Marcelo

The inaugural Third Time Derby lived up to the hype and then some, with Photo Finish™ LIVE’s season-ending showcase getting 20-wide at one point as the group of horses shook themselves out down the stretch.

In the end, Delmos held off valiant efforts by Stardust and Marcelo to make history as the first-ever winner of the Third Time Derby.

Lucky Lucy’s Memorial Spring Cup(R1)

5 Furlongs | Right | Dirt

Win: Furious Fergie

Place: Yung Blood

Show: Night Saturn

Nauty By Nature (R2)

8 Furlongs | Right | Turf |

Win: Cookie Glue

Place: Megatron

Show: Kratos

Beach’s Cooking (with gas) Stakes (R3)

11 Furlongs | Left | Dirt 

Win: Quen Beach

Place: Bouchales

Show: Ramsey

Perlino Stays Smoking Your Grass Stakes (R4)

4 Furlongs | Left | Turf |

Win: Perlino

Place: Slow Gary

Show: Lucretia

The Hazy Hills Classic (R5)

7 Furlongs | Right | Dirt |

Win: Makybe Alinghi

Place: Sorcerers Magic

Show: Sour Legend

Frank’s Bad Takes Mile (R7)

6 Furlongs | Left | Dirt |

Win: Vino

Place: ScrappyT-1

Show: Burner

Third Time Nuttin’ or Bust Challenge (R8)

9 Furlongs | Left | Turf |

Win: Born to Run

Place: Lonely Girl

Show: Teller Nuttin

Miami of Ohio Invitational (R10)

5 Furlongs | Right | Turf |

Win: Dorado

Place: Hickory Hills

Show: Meadows

Here Comes The Bride Classic (R11)

8 Furlongs | Left | Dirt |

Win: Del Ray

Place: Arbory

Show: Painkiller

The Amazigh Race (R12)

11 Furlongs | Left | Turf | 

Win: Pepe De La Baguette

Place: Thundercrack

Show: Cabernet Sauvignon

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