Crown Prep Weekly: Meet the Winners of the Over $3,000 Won in Saturday Night’s Big Races


This past Saturday night on the Photo Finish™ LIVE racetracks was another one for the ages, as over $3,000 in purse prizes were awarded to those stables that stood on the podiums after the big races.

If you can’t feel the momentum growing, you might want to get your pulse checked. If possible, definitely before this Tuesday afternoon.

Let’s take a look at those horses and stable owners that reigned supreme the weekend before the biggest news in PFL history dropped.

Third Time Derby Winner: Sparrow | Golden Stables

Congratulations to Golden Stables and its racehorse Sparrow on a huge Third Time Derby win! 

The field was packed this week, growing the Third Time Derby purse prize to 48,000 $DERBY, and a $300 USD payday for the winner.

Special shoutout to Ba11thazar Mangers for taking down 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th place for a grand total of a solid $284 combined purse win of their own.

Crown Prep Sprint Series| The Winners

This week, the Crown Prep Sprint Series races included a combined 214,000 $DERBY up for grabs, a massive $2,675 on the line in just the Saturday night slate! 

While most of Web3 is sitting around refreshing their digital wallets, PFL players are out here earning rewards of their own control — you absolutely love to see it.

This is what it’s all about, and sooner or later, the rest of Web3 will come around to gaming being a true leader in the digital ownership revolution, specifically, Photo Finish™ LIVE.

Congratulations to all that came out to compete for the biggest prizes of the week! Let’s take a look at this week’s Crown winners, the forefathers of Web3.

Race Number Direction Distance Surface Purse Winner Stables
1 Left 5 Furlongs Turf 17.50K K2 Pocono Stables
2 Left 8 Furlongs Dirt 28.00K Scott Street Hollywoo Stables
3 Right 11 Furlongs Turf 17.50K Curly Solmate Stables
5 Left 7 Furlongs Turf 17.50K Darioush Pocono Racing
7 Right 6 Furlongs Turf 21.00K Durban Poison Hazy Hills Racing
8 Right 9 Furlongs Dirt 31.50K Mars La Playa Farms
9 Left 12 Furlongs Turf 28.00K Perlino Solmate Stables
11 Right 9 Furlongs Turf 17.50K Serena’s Star Wimbledon
12 Right 5 Furlongs Dirt 35.00K Ace King Elder Racing

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