Crown Prep Weekly: Ba11thazar Shines, Inside Crown Prep Results, Content Creator News


What’s Inside

  • Third Time Derby Champion
  • Crown Prep Sprint Series Scorecard
  • Mo and Vault Nights at the Races
  • Wagering Wednesday with FUD Guru
  • We’re going streaming!

Third Time Derby Champ: Pr0metheus | Ba11thazar Mangers

When you tune in to the Third Time Derby you can expect to see some familiar names, and that was again the case as the legendary stallion Pr0metheus took home the trophy in this week’s race of all races, crowned Third Time Derby champion! 

Pr0metheus is nearing the end of his racing days, making a Third Time Derby title on his resume that much sweeter.

In fact, just after the race concluded, Ba11hazar announced Pr0metheus would be in fact going the way of Tom Brady but was open to some cocktails in the breeding barn if anyone needed him.

Congrats, Ba11thazar!

And enjoy retirement, and the breeding barn, Pr0metheus! 

Crown Prep Sprint Series Scorecard

Another weekend of high-octane PFL races was anchored by 12 jam-packed season-ending Crown Prep Sprint Series races.

Below we’ve got you covered from head to hoof on the results of each big race. We’ve even included the age and sex of each podium horse just in case your stable is into that sort of thing.

Congrats to the stables that made this week’s podium!

Race Name Age Gender Stable
1 Riklaus Redefus 4 Stallion Big Brain Stables RD
Jameron Birch 2 Colt BlueMoonStables
Karuk 3 Colt Miami Nation RD
2 Cash in the bank 2 Colt Solanaut Stables
Victorious Elf 3 Colt BigBrainStables RT
Waterloo Sunset 4 Stallion SecretariYat Stables
3 Ita’s Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
MarSerati Boom 4 Stallion Valley Happy
Caviar Ish 5 Stallion Solanaut Stables
4 She likes it Rough 3 Filly SOLmate Stables
Gene Boom 7 Stallion Valley Happy
Pookie 4 Mare Mario Jane Racing
5 Neon Runner 2 Filly Grape Syndicate
Charo 2 Colt Golden Stables
Real Tomcat JJ 5 Stallion Big Brain Stables RD
6 Makybe Fields 4 Stallion Solanaut Stables
Ha-o-zinne 2 Filly BigBrainStables RT
BB 2 Colt RVA Racing
7 Capo Di Tutti Capi 3 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Struck Down 3 Colt Miami Nation RT
Rolls Runts 3 Colt Valley Happy
8 Pennies from Heaven 2 Filly Pocono & GvT Racing
CaddyShack Boom 4 Stallion Valley Happy
Teller N0N0 3 Filly Ba11thazar Mangers
9 Makybe Northerly 8 Stallion Solanaut Stables
Silence Johnson 3 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Ladygram 2049 2 Filly Big Brain Stables RD
10 Ser Cielo 3 Colt Wimbledon + GvT Turf
Alfie Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
Never Say Never 2 Colt BigBrainStables RT
11 Saturday Wine 3 Colt Golden Stables
Master Art Boom 3 Colt Valley Happy
Makybe Elvie 6 Stallion Solanaut Stables
12 DAOU Pessimist 4 Stallion Pocono & GvT Racing
Trick or Treat 3 Filly SOLmate Stables
X3rxes 5 Stallion Ba11thazar Mangers

‘Night at the Races’ with Mo and Vault

The boys were at it again, as Mo and Vault fired up the stream machine and threw down their typical entertaining PFL coverage, only this week, with a slate of real money races to cover.

If you missed either of Mo and Vault’s weekend streams, go back and give them a watch!

 Wagering Wednesdays with FUD Guru

PFL’s testing of real money racing is getting much of the attention, and rightfully so, but alongside real money tests has also come the ability to rake in some cold hard cash through our in-game wagering feature.

Community content creator FUD Guru will help get the wagering word out this Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. EST with a wagering-centered stream of four real money USDC races running in the 7 o’clock hour.

Community members are encouraged to enter a horse in the real money races, place wagers, and show up to watch all the action.

Announcing: Third Time Thursdays on Twitch!

Beginning this Thursday at 4:00 p.m. EST the Third Time Games team will be live streaming five USDC races on Twitch. These races will be open to the community to race in and wager on, just as with any other race that appears on the schedule.

Stable owners, plan accordingly. Spectators, fill up those USDC wallets.

We’re going streaming!

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