Photo Finish™ Onboarding Resource Center


Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE!

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, this guide is designed to help you quickly navigate the exciting landscape of Photo Finish™ LIVE and get the most out of your experience.

From vital content created by the community to resources from the Photo Finish™ team, below are some of the most often shared essential onboarding materials to start your journey.


Read the Guide to PFL

One onboarding document to rule them all – The Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE!  ‘

Created by onboarding savant David Chapman, this often shared piece of community-created content represents a comprehensive game overview that will take you step-by-step through understanding the fundamentals of the game.

There is a reason this is at the top of this article. If you take a few moments to read this incredible game walkthrough, you’ll already be on your way to success.

Investment Thesis

NFA. DYOR. Community created.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way explore this Investment Thesis to gain insights into the strategic aspects of Photo Finish™ LIVE.

Buying Your First Horse

Ready to own your first virtual racehorse? That’s exciting, but we also understand deciding which horse to buy is daunting.

Check out Strategies for Buying Your First Photo Finish™ LIVE Race Horse for valuable tips and considerations when entering the world of horse ownership.

Where to Buy $CROWN

Jupiter is quickly becoming the most-often used exchange amongst Solana users.

Visit Jupiter Exchange here to purchase and/or swap for $CROWN.

$CROWN – A Must-Read

Discover the significance of $CROWN in Photo Finish™ LIVE with the Must-Read – $CROWN article.

Gain a deeper understanding of the virtual currency and its role in the game.

How to Buy and Stake Crown/PFL PFPs

Ready to grab some $CROWN and PFPs?

Follow the step-by-step guide on How to Buy and Stake Photo Finish™ PFPs.

$CROWN Whitepaper

For a detailed exploration of $CROWN, delve into the CROWN Whitepaper.

Gain in-depth knowledge of virtual currency’s mechanics, purpose, and potential.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your Photo Finish™ LIVE account from scammers by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication.

Learn why securing your assets is crucial and follow the instructions to enhance your account security.


Breeding Philosophy

Understand the art and science of virtual horse breeding with an incredible resource put together by one of the longest-standing members of the community, The Commish.

Read the Breeding Philosophy blog here.

That blog will help you explore the strategies and techniques that can lead to successful breeding outcomes.

Breeding Success Thread

Join the breeding conversation on Twitter by following the Breeding Success Thread.

Learn from other players’ experiences and share your successes in the virtual breeding realm.

How to Breed

Ready to create your own champions? We’ve got yet another banger piece of content from David Chapman for you to enjoy.

Learn the ropes with the How to Breed in Photo Finish™ LIVE guide, offering practical insights and tips on the breeding process.

A Guide to Breeding Reports

Explore the nuances of breeding reports in A Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE Breeding Reports.

Gain a deeper understanding of interpreting and leveraging breeding reports for strategic breeding decisions.

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