Third Time Games CEO & Founder Ian Cummings Joins MJ Gaming’s ‘Across the Board’


On Tuesday, June 6, Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings joined MJ Gaming’s weekly Photo Finish™ LIVE show ‘Across the Board,’ for an expansive two-hour chat.

In the fourth episode of the PFL-driven series, MJ and Ian covered a variety of topics and delved deep into the community’s questions regarding everything from the game’s tokenomics to breeding, horse performance, and aging.

Below you can find timestamps and a brief overview of each of the topics MJ and Ian discussed.

Intro (3:50)

The fourth episode of MJ Gaming’s Photo Finish™ LIVE stream series, ‘Across the Board,’ began with introducing this week’s special guest – Ian Cummings, CEO and Founder of Third Time Games. 

Ian’s Backstory and Founding Third Time Games (5:00)

MJ kicked off the discussion by delving into Ian’s background and experience. Ian shared his story of how he decided on launching a free-to-play mobile horse racing game all in his spare time and on his own, at first, only in Australia, using Facebook ads that cost just a few cents.

His description of his astonishment at the fact that something he had built generated $20 in revenue while he was at work is the wholesome content you need to hear and an incredible reminder of how far Third Time Games has come since then.

Exploring Photo Finish™ Vision (15:00)

The conversation shifted to the core of the discussion – Photo Finish™ LIVE.

MJ and Ian engaged in a general discussion about the game’s vision and unique qualities. Ian highlighted how Photo Finish™ aims to redefine the gaming landscape, but will always keep real horse racing as Third Time’s Northstar in building out the future of PFL.

The Most Rewarding Part of the PFL Journey (24:30)

Ian reflects on the most rewarding aspects of building Photo Finish™and how fulfilling it has been to witness the game’s growth.

Inspiration Behind Web3 and NFT Integration (27:30)

MJ and Ian jump into the inspiration behind incorporating Web3 and NFTs into Photo Finish™ LIVE and discuss how platforms like Top Shot, and a chance seatmate on a memorable flight, served as catalysts for innovative Web3 integration within the game.

Unique Features of Photo Finish™ LIVE (35:00)

MJ and Ian explore what sets Photo Finish™ LIVE apart from traditional Web3 gaming experiences. They highlighted the distinctive elements that make Photo Finish™ LIVE a truly immersive and exciting gaming venture, and once again, harp on the fact that PFL is based on the realistic aspects that have made horse racing one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyed sports. 

Season 2 and Race Schedule Improvements (39:00)

The conversation shifted towards Season 2 of Photo Finish™ LIVE, as MJ and Ian discussed the race schedule improvements and their commitment to ensuring fair competition for horses of all skill levels.

Claiming Races and Real-Life Horse Ownership (43:00)

Ian shares his excitement about incorporating the strategic and thrilling element of claiming races from real-life horse racing into Photo Finish™. He emphasized the significance of this feature in creating an authentic and captivating gaming experience.

Covering Entry Fees and Future Racing Events (48:00)

MJ touched upon Third Time Games’ plan to cover the entry fees for the final race in each Major Racing Series, including this week’s 80,000 DERBY max purse Third Time Classic. 

They also discussed the vision of hosting all four major races of each month in a grand racing event at the end of the month, complete with high-quality production and streaming.

Tokenomics and Race Rake Misconceptions (55:30)

Ian went into detail about the Photo Finish™ tokenomics and addressed misconceptions surrounding the 20% race rake that Photo Finish™ passes on to racetrack owners. He clarified that the rake collected during Season 2 was reinvested back into the ecosystem via CROWN gifts, with Third Time Games not retaining any of the rakes.

Breeding in the Photo Finish™ Ecosystem (1:04:30)

MJ and Ian delved into the concept of breeding within the Photo Finish™ ecosystem and discussed the goals and implications of breeding horses. Ian also addressed the question of the ideal breeding age for horses.

Advice for New Players (1:14:40)

MJ asked Ian for his advice for players who are just getting started in Photo Finish™. Ian recommended starting with Trainer Horses and encouraged players to explore unredeemed Gen0 tickets on Magic Eden, as they could potentially uncover hidden gems.

Community Questions (1:21:00)

The community had the opportunity to ask Ian questions during this segment. Various topics were covered, including horse aging, third-party wagering sites, advertising space for track owners, MVPs and Suites, and the progression of a horse.

Third-Party Wagering and Horse Picks (1:30:00)

During the community question segment, a member raised the topic of third-party wagering sites and inquired about the future of Photo Finish™ horse picks. Ian addressed the question, acknowledging the interest in such possibilities and highlighting that the team is actively exploring potential collaborations and partnerships to enhance the wagering experience within the game.

Advertising Space for Track Owners (1:32:00)

Another community member posed an intriguing question regarding the potential advertising space that track owners may be able to own in the future. Ian responded, emphasizing the player-centric nature of track ownership. He explained that in the future, players will have the freedom to leverage their tracks for advertising purposes and generate revenue, allowing for creative and dynamic opportunities within the game.

MVPs and Suites Collaboration (1:35:00)

A community member expressed curiosity about the future of MVPs and Suites in collaboration with Photo Finish™. Ian shared the team’s strategic approach, explaining that they took a step back to focus on building strong communities and creating social clubs. Much more to come. 

Progression of Horse Performance and Aging (1:43:00)

The progression of a horse’s performance and how it is affected by aging was a question posed by a community member. Ian provided insightful details, explaining how horses’ performance will be influenced by aging on a year-to-year basis. He highlighted the team’s commitment to ensuring a realistic and immersive experience, where horses evolve and showcase their skills over time.

The “End” and Horse Lifespan (1:47:45)

During the Q&A session, a community member raised a thought-provoking question about how horses in Photo Finish™ will eventually “age off and die,” and what the “end” will look like. 

Outro: Partnering with Content Creators (1:49:00)

As the episode drew to a close, MJ expressed gratitude to Ian for his valuable insights and contributions to the discussion. Ian, in turn, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with content creators and emphasized the excitement of building alongside the passionate Photo Finish™ community.

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