The Weekender: Third Party Tools, Content Creators, Third Time Team Grows


What’s Inside

  • NEW LIR Syndicate Tools
  • ‘Across the Board’ with MJ Gaming
  • Third Time Thursdays with Mo
  • Third Time Team Expands
  • Season 3 Schedule

LIR Syndicate Tools

New community tools just dropped!

LIR Syndicate and his team recently gave the Photo Finish™ community a sneak peek at some super-interesting PFL tools they’ve been working on, and even better, asked fellow players how they thought it could be improved.

The result? An incredibly-fast growing third-party dashboard with a variety of functions that will undoubtedly help every PFL player step up their game.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the dashboard LIR Syndicate has created here.

‘Across the Board’ with MJ Gaming

Episode 3 of MJ Gaming’s  ‘Across the Board’ dropped this past week, with the analytics-minded virtual horse racing vet dishing on the progress of the intriguing third-party tool he has been developing. 

If you’re new to Photo Finish™ and have only one hour a week to become a better stable owner, MJ’s streams are likely you’re best bet. Mike Sowers, the owner of Tombstone Stables, is already set to join MJ next week. 

Mo’s Third Time Thursday

Mo and friends were back at it again for another hour packed with Third Time Thursday Photo Finish™ races and chatter. 

This week, Mo was joined by live on stream by Wolaf Farms and RVA Racing where the gang ran through the Third Time Thursday race schedule, pulled up some horses to review, and talked about general Photo Finish™ happenings. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to give Mo a sub on KICK so you’re notified prior to every stream. 

Virtual Horse Racing | Third Time
Virtual Horse Racing | Third Time

Third Time Games is Growing 

Big news! Third Time Games has hired not one, but TWO absolute guns to join the best team in Web3!

As CEO and Founder Ian Cummings announced in a recent Discord announcement, Third Time has recently finalized the impending addition of two fantastic new team members.

One of the team members, Richie Choi, will be leading the charge on LiveOps, specifically race scheduling. The other — an already highly respected Web3 voice — joins Third Time as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Expect an in-depth look at each hire coming soon.

Season 3 Reminder

With one week of Season 3 in the books, let’s take a look ahead at the racing series schedule. A reminder: With Season 3 pushed to five weeks, there is no big race this weekend.

Week 1 (May 29 – June 4): No Major racing series.

Week 2 (June 5 – June 11): Third Time Classic | Left / Turf

Week 3 (June 12 – June 18): Third Time Cup | Right / Turf

Week 4 (June 19 – June 25): Third Time Championship |  Right / Dirt

Week 5 (June 26 – July 2): [Name Redacted] | Left / Dirt

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