How to Enter the Rookie Rally Race Series


The Rookie Rally race series is a new initiative to kickstart newcomers’ Photo Finish™ legacy by welcoming stables with a free entry race at the door. 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of your one-time ticket to a Rookie Rally race, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to turn your first foray into Photo Finish™ into an opportunity to test drive your new horse, all for free while competing for real money rewards. 

How to Participate in the Rookie Rally

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely completed the most significant step: creating an account. To be eligible for a Rookie Rally race, you’ll need to take the additional steps below: 

Step 1) Eligibility & Entry Information

The following are some basic requirements to be eligible for the Rookie Rally racing series, along with a few high-level answers to some of the most common questions:

  • ***IMPORTANT***First-Time Racers Only: Open exclusively to players racing a horse for the first time, excluding trainer horses.
  • Age Categories: Rookie Rally features two races for juveniles and two for horses aged three and older.
  • Horse Submission: Entrants must select and submit their horses for one of the two monthly races.
  • Rookie Rally Allowlist: Submitted horses are added to the Rookie Rally Allowlist.
  • No Entry Fee: Participation is free, with prize pools including 12k Derby and 250 Crown, aiding in the growth of participants’ stables.
  • Verification Required: Entrants must complete KYC verification, marked as “verified” in PFL, ensuring a secure competition environment.

If eligible, entrants are required to fill out this Rookie Rally form to be selected for the event.

Step 2) Rookie Rally Discord Role

Now that you’re eligible to participate in a Rookie Rally race and have caught up on the basics head over to the Photo Finish™ Discord channel to introduce yourself to a Third Time team member. 

To join the Rookie Rally festivities, inform a moderator in Discord once you’ve registered for the Rookie Rally, and they will assign you a role granting exclusive access to a dedicated rookie channel. 

This space allows you to engage with fellow newcomers, share experiences, and converse with the Third Time Games staff.  

Discord is also the primary channel for receiving the latest updates on the Rookie Rally Races.

Rookie Rally Event Schedule

The Rookie Rally is more than just a way for newcomers to get involved in Photo Finish™; it’s an event for even the most seasoned players to follow along and enjoy. 

On the final Thursday of each month, the Rookie Rally races take center stage, streaming live by one of PFL’s best content creators. A particular juiced pick race will be held to cap off the event, designed to add an extra layer of excitement for viewers.

Think of the Rookie Rally as the Rising Stars game held during All-Star Game Weekend. This is where the following best come to shine. 

Our goal is to highlight this event every month. 

Are you ready to make your presence known on the racetracks? Join the Rookie Rally!

Want to join the fun?

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