How to Enter the Rookie Rally Race Series


The Rookie Rally race series is a bonus initiative to kickstart newcomers’ Photo Finish™ legacy by welcoming stables with a free entry race at the door. 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of your one-time ticket to a Rookie Rally race, you’ve come to the right place. 

Below, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to turn your first foray into Photo Finish™ into an opportunity to test drive your new horse, all for free, while competing for real-money rewards. 

What is the Rookie Rally?

The Rookie Rally is our way of saying THANK YOU for joining our community.
It’s a race that costs nothing to enter but has 12,000 Derby and 250 CROWN in each of them to be won by the entrants. Think of it as your bonus for signing up for PFL.
The Rookie Rally runs on the last Thursday of the season, live on stream with Taco. His Twitch channel can be found here. 

Who is eligible?

If it’s your first season racing in paid racing (or you ran for the first time late last season), and you’ve verified (KYC’ed) your account, you’re eligible!

You may pick one of the four races to get whitelisted for and run in.

Can I Race During the Season?

Of course! We encourage all Rookie Rally participants to race their horses all season long. Just make sure your horse will be rested enough to run in the Rookie Rally race you choose.

Any Other Perks?

You bet! In Discord, you can get the Rookie Rally role; just ping our community manager, Bryce. This will give you access to a gate-locked channel to discuss things with other new stables, and Bryce will help guide you as needed.

Of course, our community is fantastic at this as well, but it’s another place to really build some camaraderie with others joining at the same time you are. At the end of the season, that Rookie Rally role will be removed from Discord.

How Do I Register?

If you meet the outlined criteria, you can register at

Whitelists are approved and usually updated on the Monday before the Rookie Rally.

Ensure you leave time to get your horse healthy and ready to run during the event.

Communications will be on the dedicated Rookie Rally Discord channel.

Whitelisting closes on Wednesday at 8 pm, the night before the Rookie Rally. Registration is open for whitelisted horses 72 hours before the race.


  • Must be a KYC’ed stable (verified account)
  • Fields with fewer than six entrants may be canceled. You can reregister at a future Rookie Rally.
  • You can only whitelist/enter 1 Rookie Rally Race
  • Any attempt to violate the spirit of the competition or any TOS will be addressed and could result in penalties or bans.

Want to join the fun?

Visit the Photo Finish™ LIVE Linktree page to find everything you need to get started. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel to receive all of our news and participate in future giveaways.