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What is Inbreeding?


Inbreeding is exactly what it sounds like – breeding horses WITHIN a bloodline. 

In Photo Finish™ LIVE, any horse can breed with any other horse, but the closer you are to each other in blood relationship, the much higher chance of disastrous breeding results. Starting “above” the hypothetical foal, FOUR (4) generations are all checked to see if any share a common bloodline. If ANY match, then there’s a chance of penalties. The farther away the match, i.e., a shared great-great-grandparent, the less likely and lower the severity of a penalty. But sharing parents with grandparents or breeding with siblings is, of course, a much riskier affair!

See below, a sample screenshot from the premium Breeding Report: 

As a hypothetical: when a horse is bred, the bloodline of 4 generations above the hypothetical foal is what can incur inbreeding penalties.

That means if Stud A and Mare B are breeding to make Foal C, then:

Stud A
his parents
his Grandparents and
his great grandparents

are checked against
 Mare B
her parents
her grandparents and
her great grandparents

for any shared blood. 

One question we have seen often as well is whether or not the penalties show up down the line. It’s worth noting that “already committed inbreeding” is not shown in the reports. Whenever the inbreeding occurs entirely in the Mare line for some, the Mare already has worse genes because of that inbreeding, so it does not “re-apply” to the Hypothetical Foal. 

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