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Breeding, Step-by-Step

Own a Mare

A Mare is a female horse that is at least 3 years old and not more than 25. Between these ages any retired female horse can breed.

All breeds begin with having a retired, non-pregnant, mare in your stable. You can acquire your first mare from the Marketplace and later you can breed new ones.

Pick a Stud

To find a partner for your mare, click the Breeding tab to look at available candidates in the Stud Market. All breeds must go through the Stud Market, including in-house breeding.

Each stud at the Stud Market will have a breeding fee listed. Select a stud and then select the mare you would like to breed with it. You are also welcome to use your own studs for breeding. You send them to the stud farm from their horse page and check the box for “In-house.” Studs listed this way will not be viewable by other players and will always cost the same fee.

*Note: The Stud Market is only open for a portion of the season. Make sure to get there on time or you’ll have to wait for the next breeding season.

Wait for the Foal

Breeding in Photo Finish™ LIVE is always successful. There’s no risk that a pregnancy won’t take. Mares carry their foals for a season before they give birth. All foals are born at the beginning of the season after they are conceived.

And that’s it! You now have a brand new foal, ready to grow, train, race, and maybe even breed their own foals in the future.

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