Crown Prep Weekly S8: Solanaut Stables Plays Grinch


It was a holiday weekend filled with big races on the Photo Finish™ LIVE racetracks, as PFL stable owners poured their favorite stiff drinks, threw another log into their fireplaces, and unleashed their finest racehorses in the Season 8 season-finales.

ICYMI, we’ve compiled the results of each race in one place so you can quickly get back up to speed, leaving more time for you to pretend to work this week while we collectively ready ourselves for the New Year.

Third Time Derby

10 Furlong | Right | Turf

Win: Meadows

Place: Cookie Glue

Show: Madame George

The second running of the Third Time Derby was another barn burner, with the leaderboard’s Top 20 horses sprinting to the finish in this week’s 10-furlong showcase event.

Congratulations to Solanut Stables and its racehorse Meadows on the big Derby win!

Crown Prep Results: Solanaut Stables Dominates

Judging from the results from this past weekend’s Crown Prep Sprint Series, it certainly appears Solanaut Stables was not in the holiday-giving mood.

In total, six racehorses from Solanaut Stables placed in this weekend’s prestigious slate, including two wins — baa humbug!

Check out the full Crown Prep results below.

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R1)

5 Furlongs | Right | Dirt |

Win: Makybe Alinghi

Place: Sour Legend

Show: Bombyx Mori

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R2)

8 Furlongs | Right | Turf |

Win: Vesper v4

Place: Makybe Zipping

Show: Three Pots

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R3)

11 Furlongs | Left | Dirt |

Win: Delmos

Place: Bouchales

Show: Stardust

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R4)

4 Furlongs | Left | Turf |

Win: Slow Gary

Place: Perlino

Show: Endangered Species

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R5)

7 Furlongs | Right | Dirt |

Win: Runtz 33

Place: Rainbow Jaco

Show: Makybe Northerly

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R6)

10 Furlongs | Right | Turf |

Win: Makybe Ethereal

Place: Chur Chimmi

Show: Aura Haze

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R7)

6 Furlongs | Left | Dirt |

Win: Stick Season

Place: Community Legend

Show: Marcelo

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R8)

9 Furlongs | Left | Turf |

Win: Teller Nuttin

Place: R0mulus

Show: Almeja

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R9)

12 Furlongs | Right | Dirt |

Win: BiPolar Bear

Place: Makybe Wakeful

Show: Cheesy Nose 2

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R10)

5 Furlongs | Right | Turf |

Win: Baja

Place: Mighty Bran

Show: Boudicca

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R11)

8 Furlongs | Left | Dirt |

Win: Chilly Chinchilla

Place: Anastasla

Show: Emotional Outburst

Crown Prep Sprint Series (R12)

11 Furlongs | Left | Turf |

Win: Niagara

Place: Pepe De La Baguette

Show: Trizzy Bay

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