Crown Prep Weekly: Pocono Stables, Crown Prep Scorecard, Special Guest Joins Mo and Vault


That’s another weekend of showcase Photo Finish™ LIVE racing in the books!

Between real money racing tests taking grip, this week’s Third Time Derby being one of the closest we’ve ever seen, and last season’s Crown Prep Sprint Series being one contested season of all time, you’d have to be a mouth-breathing zombie straight out of HBO’s The Last of Us to not be feeling these arrow-up vibes.

TL;DR – Check your pulse if you’re not fired up about PFL’s state of affairs.

Miss some of this past weekend’s big race action? No worries. That’s what the Crown Prep Weekly is for.

Third Time Derby Champion: Papillon | Pocono Stables

Objects in your rear-view mirror are closer than they appear, especially when said object is a racehorse from Pocono Stables. 

Even the cameraman couldn’t believe the bolt Papillon took from outside, as it ran alongside and just barely edged out Solmate Stables racehorse Getting Closer for the Third Time Derby crown.

Congrats, Pocono Stables!

Crown Prep Sprint Series Results Racecard

Twelve of the most hotly contested Crown Prep Sprint Series races ever took place on Saturday night, with a handful of races featuring a full 20 gates full of racehorses. 

Below are this week’s Crown Prep results:

Race # Winner Age Gender Owner
1 Pr0metheus 5 Stallion Ba11thazar Mangers
Hot Widow 2 Filly Grape Syndicate
Freeze Frame 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
2 U Siccu 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Porsche 911’s Boom 3 Colt Valley Happy
Porsche Boxer 3 Colt Valley Happy
3 Laurel 4 Stallion YSM Racing Club
Fynoderee 3 Colt YSM Racing Club
Woodroffe 2 Colt DROP STABLE
4 Straight outta Money 4 Mare DeStables
Shadow Bloom 2 Filly Hollywoo Stables
DeGenerate 3 Filly DeStables
5 Thai Shot 4 Stallion Grape Syndicate
Karuk 2 Colt Miami Nation RD
Riklaus Redefus 3 Colt Big Brain Stables RD
6 Ser Cielo 2 Colt Wimbledon + GvT Turf
Dusty Cheyanne 3 Colt BigBrainStables RT
Miles Lil’ Monkey 3 Colt Gork Stables
7 Molly Quirk 3 Filly YSM Racing Club
Shoney’s CEO 8 Stallion DROP STABLE
DeStable Coin 4 Mare DeStables
8 Spectral Boom 7 Stallion Valley Happy
Lorber 4 Stallion BigBrainStables L
Opus 1 3 Colt Pocono & GvT Racing
9 Luta with Rings 3 Filly Big Brain Stables RD
Fruity Pebbles R4 6 Stallion SOLmate Stables
Queen V1ctoria 4 Mare Ba11thazar Mangers
10 Rocket Fuel 2 Colt Wolaf The Bandito
Mazda Neptunia 6 Stallion Écurie Neptunia
Benito 4 Stallion Golden Stables
11 Master Art Boom 2 Colt Valley Happy
Arabella 2 Filly Amazigh Stables
All the Bonk Alpha 3 Filly Grape Syndicate
12 Zaltana 2 Filly Golden Stables
Lonely Guy 3 Colt SOLmate Stables
LT Swift Puff III 7 Stallion SOLmate Stables


Third Time CEO and Founder Ian Cummings Joins Mo and Vault 

There are many things that set PFL apart from the rest, but having a Founder that is willing to jump on stream and chop it up for over an hour on a Friday night after a long week is one we’re most proud of.

If you missed Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings joining Mo and Vault, give it a watch. Especially if you’re interested in Third Times Games’ upcoming release of The MVP Society pfp project.

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