Crown Weekly: Run for the Roses

Life is all about having something to look forward to. Something you go to bed and wake up thinking about. For everyone involved in Photo Finish™ and the entire horse racing world, the date we’ve circled on our calendars has arrived: May 4, 2024, the 150th Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is Christmas in May […]

Crown Weekly: Superfecta

There seems never to be a dull moment in the web3 world, and the same can be said for Photo Finish™ LIVE—but thankfully, for all the right reasons. News and events are coming at us in all directions just a few weeks from the May 4, 150th Kentucky Derby. From marketing initiatives to racing events […]

Crown Weekly: Season 10

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Happy Foal’s Day, everyone! With a new season upon us, thousands of new foals entering the Photo Finish™ fray, and a breeding window ready to crack open,  let’s waste no time covering what occurred in the final week of Season 9. From big-time players entering the […]

Crown Weekly: Welcome to Season 9

Live comes at you fast here at Photo Finish™, meaning we have little time to waste mulling over the past with the future here and now. The Virtual Kentucky Derby just occurred, and Churchill Downs helped Photo Finish™ promote the event across several social media channels. Season 9 is here; it’s Foal’s Day, and the […]

Claimed Horse Wins the Virtual Kentucky Derby

On Saturday night, SOLmate Stables took home the prestigious Virtual Kentucky Derby title with a horse acquired through a Photo Finish™ LIVE Claiming Race, a monumental moment in Photo Finish™ history that not only marks an outstanding achievement for SOLmate themselves but showcases the accessibility of success for newcomers. A claiming race in horse racing […]

Crown Weekly: Season 8 is Here!

The time has come to turn a new page — Welcome to Season 8, everyone! Honestly, it’s always good that there is a day to catch our breath between the intensity of Derby Day and Monday morning. Still, it’s particularly what the doctor ordered following the busiest weekend in Photo Finish™ LIVE history. From undercard […]

Season 7: Virtual Kentucky Derby Day Mega-Preview

Every Photo Finish™ LIVE season ends with a bang, and for Season 7, that moment is now upon us — ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Virtual Kentucky Derby weekend. Before we dive into the culmination of the Road to the Roses, let’s talk about the lathering up of the racetracks that will occur in the […]