Beta v3 – Allowances Error + Fix


How it affected horses, and our response

Hello again Photo Finish™ LIVE faithful! We’re back again with another technical update addressing a flaw our community discovered during recent beta testing of “allowances”.

A quick back story: in the world of horse racing, countless factors contribute to a horse’s performance and the overall outcome of a race. One such factor is the weight each horse carries during a race. We attempt to meticulously recreate this in Photo Finish™ LIVE in order to create a level playing field. However, on Saturday night, we discovered a configuration bug that impacted the weights assigned to some horses in allowance races. This blog post will discuss the issue in detail, how it affected horses and the races in question, and the steps we took to rectify the problem and compensate those who were affected.

The Configuration Bug

The configuration bug we identified directly impacted the weights assigned to horses competing in allowance races. This error inadvertently caused some horses to carry less weight than they should have, giving them an unfair advantage over their opponents who carried the correct weight.

While we immediately corrected the configuration issue for future races, it had already impacted several races before our discovery. The bug created an uneven playing field, potentially harming horses that carried the proper weight and negatively affecting the race outcomes.

Our Analysis and Findings

In response to the discovery, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the affected races to identify horses that carried the correct weight but finished behind horses that were not carrying enough. Our analysis revealed that several horses were indeed affected by the bug, leading to an unjust outcome for those who had entered and carried the correct weight.

Refunds and Notifications

As a result of our findings, we decided to issue entry fee refunds to those affected by the bug. To make sure everyone is aware of the situation, we have sent out inbox messages to all affected parties, informing them of the issue and the refund they are entitled to receive. Additionally, we have updated the “Stable Financials” ledger to reflect these $DERBY transactions. A total of 40 entries (across 29 stables and 39 horses) were affected by the issue, and a total of 14,650 $DERBY ($183.13) was refunded.

The safety, trust, and security of our game is the held in the utmost regard. We appreciate you for reporting this issue and can’t thank you all enough for continuing to play and support Photo Finish™ LIVE. See you on the track!

– Third Time Team

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