One Year Later: Reflecting on Third Time’s First Mint

I’m writing this to document a strange period of time in human history – this is for you; the aliens who download the entire internet from a black box HDD buried in the sand after we annihilate ourselves. Or perhaps after we transcend into the weirdness of the metaverse as purely digital entities (verified on […]

Suites Odyssey 6

ALERT ALERT ALERT… GRAVITY FIELD EXCEEDING THRUSTER CAPACITY… ESCAPE VELOCITY LOST… DESCENDING TOWARDS AN UNKNOWN PLANETARY SURFACE AT 11 KM/S… 15 KM/S… 69 KM/S… TERMINAL VELOCITY ACHIEVED… Fib gulps, swallows down pure terror, eyes closed. … below deck Suitizens are peacefully slumbering in a cryogenic simulation, dreaming lifetimes of fortune – victory, whatever else is […]