The Crown Prep Weekly: Season 5 Recap


The best of the best battled it out this weekend as Season 5 at Photo Finish™ LIVE came to a conclusion on Saturday afternoon with the running of the Crown Prep Sprint Series.

Twelve races. Twelve winners. A piece of history for each stable to take home as they claim their spot in virtual horse racing lore.

Big things are planned in 2023 for the Crown Prep series, and each week you’ll find a full recap of the action right here in the Third Time Games community blog.

Let’s dive into the boxscore and see which stables earned the right to name next week’s Crown Prep races.

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 1)

Win: Lucky Lucy | Place: James Jamerson | Show: M0lly Pitcher

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 2)

Win: Baja | Place: Dorado | Show: W1lliam Travis

Baja came out fast and finished strong in a near wire-to-wire victory in Race 2 of this week’s Crown Prep Sprint Series.

The horse owned by Miami Nation showed off elite stamina by holding back a crowd of horses that continually put on pressure. The results aren’t surprising, as the victory was the 21st in a long storied career by the five-year-old stallion.

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 3)

Win: Short Dancer | Place: Racing in the Street | Show: SBF

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 4)

Win: Perlino | Place: Aston Martin | Show: Nightcrawler

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 5)

Win: Run Amok | Place: Mightiest Mouse | Show: Steady Lads

Arguably the Crown Prep Sprint Series race of the week, Race 5 featured Run Amok and Mightiest Mouse putting on a show that fittingly came down to a photo finish.

Run Amok started the 8-furlong race as a massive favorite and showed why in the process of notching its 12th all-time race.

Congrats, Wolaf The Bandito!

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 6)

Win: Crown Maxi | Place: Mother Alaska | Show: Kenai

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 7) 

Win: Vino | Place: Cheesy Feet | Show: Gummy Bear

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 8) 

Win: Teller Nuttin | Place: Thundercrack | Show: Nightcrawler

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 10) 

Win: Better Than Most | Place: Colorado | Show: Rocky

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 11) 

Win: Community Legend | Place: Scott Street |Show: Lukas

Crown Prep Sprint Series (Race 12)

Win: Born to Run | Place: DNegs | Show: Bombatta

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