Degen Derby Central Scouting – Week 1


With just a little over four weeks until The Degen Derby, more than a few Photo Finish™ LIVE horses are waiting for DAOs to scoop them off the open market in preparation for the big race. 

However, finding the perfect A+-rated horse will require some strategy and a little luck. During Friday’s Twitter Space, it was revealed that while there are many horses available for the Degen Derby, exactly zero fit the exact race criteria (left turn, turf track, firm course and 10 furlongs). 

Fortunately our crack team of degen horse lovers has been at the derby combine to get a peak at some of the top prospects for the Degen Derby. (Not horse racing advice. Do your own research.) 

Logical 21 – 1W-2P-0S

Another right turner with a love of the turf and firm courses. What sticks out here is the S- stamina rating. 12 furlongs is a very long race and while many DAOs may go for speed and heart, there’s something to be said for investing in a distance racer – Logical 21’s first and only win came on a 12 furlong course. 

Hasson – 5W-1P-3S

Her last win came during the Moose Allowance on July 2nd. She’s a left turner, dirt lover, and prefers a soft track, however we like her A+ heart rating for such a long race. This horse is a proven winner, but requires owners to gamble that her dirt and soft traits won’t hold her back.

Ferg – 2W-3P-4S

Sporting a preference for two of the Degen Derby’s three course conditions, Ferg comes to us with a stacked stat set. A closer look at her race history shows that she’s found success in longer races with a third place finish in a 12 furlong race. 

Cemetery – 2W-1P-2S

Another two-fer! Cemetery loves the turf track, firm conditions, but owners will have to make a sacrifice for a right turn preference. Does running left to right, or right to left really matter that much for a horse? Maybe, but it’s the Degen Derby – anything can happen. 

London News – 0W-2P-1S

Care to gamble on a bridesmaid? London News lacks a W, but the Mare owns a considerable stat set that could make for a great longshot. A+ Finish. A+ Temper. A+ Heart. DAOs who lose out on bigger horses could do a whole lot worse than London News. 

Kool N Horny – 0W-OP-OS

Can a rookie win the Degen Derby? Kool N Horny embodies the definition of a longshot, but we do like his S- stamina rating paired with the S- heart. A turf lover and firm track specialist, this untested stallion could be a surprise choice for a smaller DAO.

A lot can change during the pre-race weeks and this brief overview from PFL Central Scouting reflects that. However, a lot can still shift between now and the Degen Derby on November 25. This just showcases a great first look into what PFL minds are thinking about these top prospects.

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