Inside the Win: JPEG Junkie Stables Notches First-Major Race Victory


Have a day, JPEG Junkie Stables

In their first-ever major race series race at Photo Finish Live, JPEG Junkie and its three-year S+  colt Something Spooky took down first place in Saturday Night’s Harbor Classic Sprint and a hefty purse of $3,290. 

As one may expect, in a postrace chat with PFL about the experience, JPEG was more than happy to share its journey from a recent newbie to a major race winner. 

“When I first started playing PFL in December of last year, my aim was simply to maximize my earnings,” JPEG Junkie Stables said before adding that what started solely as an aim to make a profit quickly became a game within a game. 

“But as I delved deeper into the game and its intricacies, I became increasingly obsessed with the strategic elements it offered.”

Once hooked on the strategic elements of Photo Finish™, JPEG says that they meticulously crafted a strategy that involved shrewd investments and careful analysis of race dynamics. The knowledge led to some poignant purchases with clear goals behind them, some of which came to fruition this past weekend. 

“I spent quite a lot to get the horses I have now, but in less than two weeks, I’ve earned almost 75% of what I initially invested,” 

In trying to find the words to sum up the experience, JPEG tells PFL that the thrill of witnessing Something Spooky’s triumph was akin to an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride. 

“Honestly, the adrenaline rush was insane,” exclaimed the owner. “I made my girlfriend stay up with me to watch the race, and we were glued to MoKnowz’s livestream commentary, going crazy with excitement.”

“I can wholeheartedly say that after spending 6-plus years in crypto, there hasn’t been an experience that compares to this win and the joy playing PFL provides.”

Reflecting on the win’s significance, JPEG expressed confidence in their continued success in PFL. “This victory validates my strategy and confirms that my game knowledge is rising,” they remarked. “I feel like my stable can only get stronger from here, and I’ll be even more obsessed with this game than before.”

Since the Harbor Classic win, Something Spooky has continued to be up to something, most recently winning $1,200 in a Monday night Artemis Cup qualifier race. The win meaning just days after purchasing the horse, it’s already made back the 550,0000 $DERBY purchase price and then some.

In a message to fellow newcomers, JPEG offered this encouragement. 

“To everyone setting up stables and venturing into the game, know you’re not too late!”

“The game is only getting started, and with the right approach, you can quickly challenge the dominant stables.”

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