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How do I play Photo Finish™ LIVE?

Full Release

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Beta is live as of 6/3/22. Sign up for an account at https://beta.photofinish.live/. There are two ways to begin participating at this stage, purchase a ticket from Magic Eden and redeem it on our beta site (if this is confusing – check out our page on the basics of using Solana), or use your free beta funds to purchase a horse from the in-game marketplace. All accounts are given 50,000 fake Derby tokens (the currency of the PFL ecosystem) per season. Beta is an accelerated testing period which is entirely self-contained – there is no real money involved and the currency that is circulating is “funny money” handed out to users for testing purposes. No foals that are sired or racing placements will carry over to the full game. The benefit of participating in beta is the cost-less and accelerated testing environment it provides for players to better understand their horses and the game’s systems at large. The only true carryover from beta for players will be the knowledge gained therein!

Ready to grab a ticket? We recommend you check out this fantastic guide written by one of our outstanding community members.

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