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Generation Zero Tickets

Your ticket to glory.

Each ticket is redeemable for a Generation Zero in-game racehorse.

Generation Zero racehorse tickets are the offspring of the Studs and Fillies. They are essentially a coupon which can be redeemed for an NFT racehorse in Photo FInish ™ LIVE. Generation Zero refers to the fact that they are the first generation of race horses to enter the ecosystem, setting the foundations for all future bloodlines.

Each ticket has spread of Attributes and Preferences (link) which are based on the combination of Stud and Filly traits used to produce them. Generally – the rarer the combination of traits, the higher the grade of the offspring ticket.

Additionally, the PFP sires and dams used to create the tickets possessed traits in common between sexes – the more of these traits that matched (up to a perfect 5/5 trait match) the more bonus points the offspring received to their Attributes and Preferences.

An early version of the Breeding Tool – Note the ‘Matches’ field.

Attributes and Preferences both have a 3 unit max to boosting. This means within a grade – every Attribute (Start, Speed, Stam etc.) on a ticket is between 0 and 3. Likewise for Preferences.

This means since there are 9 total Stat fields to a ticket – a maximum boost for a Gen 0 ticket is 27 (3*9). However, this overall Boost score applies WITHIN a horses grade only – the grade is always the baseline racing ability of the ticket – Boost score applies atop that baseline to provide an edge.

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