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Photo Finish Live uses two main currencies, Derby and Crown.


Derby is the main racing and breeding currency of Photo Finish Live. It is used to enter races, breed horse, and pay most game costs. Race winnings pay out in Derby and horses are bought and sold for Derby on the marketplace.

Currently, fake Derby is disbursed to beta participants to fuel testing activity. Come full release – Derby will be available for purchase in-game with a variety of currencies including crypto.


Crown is a special currency that exists in a limited supply. Players may use Crown for special ownership actions like Track Investments. Crown cannot be purchased from within the game. The primary way to accrue $CROWN is by owning an NFT from the Photo Finish PFP collection(link), these PFPs yield $CROWN in accordance with their overall collection trait-combination rarity. 50% of the total supply of $CROWN will be distributed to PFP holders in this manner.

You can read more about $CROWN in this fantastic write-up by a community member.

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