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Who is Third Time?

Third Time Entertainment is an Orlando-based independent game studio founded in 2015 by Ian Cummings with co-founders Paul Fleetwood and Brian Fleming.

All three founders have worked for 15+ years in the game industry, with senior leadership positions held at Electronic Arts, Zynga, Row Sham Bow, and FanDuel.

Their previous works include Photo Finish Horse Racing, released in 2015; it was one of the most popular horse racing mobile games in history, with over 13 million downloads. The follow-up sequel Horse Racing Manager, released in May 2018, was featured multiple times globally at the top of the App Stores.

The team has since expanded to include a wide array of talented and experienced members – and with a successful funding round closed at the end of 2021 and their early success within the blockchain space, Third Time is positioned at the frontier of a massive convergence of gaming and tech with a battle-tested, veteran team and a proven product.


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