Crown Weekly: Virtual Kentucky Derby Week


The final week of Season 13 has arrived!

We’ve got a hot new partnership to discuss, a Spaces about Spaces, and, of course, the preview of the season’s biggest race.

Let’s get after another edition of the CROWN Weekly

Season 13 Virtual Kentucky Derby 

It’s easy to take for granted that every season, Photo Finish™ LIVE hosts the most extraordinary web2-crypto game partnership event – the Virtual Kentucky Derby.

Because who else is doing it bigger, better, and more frequent than us?

As part of Third Time Games’ multi-year agreement with Churchill Downs, Photo Finish™, the Official Gaming Partner of the Kentucky Derby, hosts a seasonal Road to the Roses. The big race marks the grand finale of each season, with the most significant honor in crypto games on the line. 

That time has again arrived, as qualifying races for Saturday night’s Virtual Kentucky Derby are underway. 

Get in on those races here

$COST Comes to Photo Finish™ LIVE

What do Costco hot dogs and horse racing have in common? We’re unsure, but if you ask this week, it’s Photo Finish™ LIVE.

Hot dogs and horse racing — that’s what Photo Finish does!

A chance love affair between the Third Time Games team and the Solana meme coin has led to a Kentucky Derby undercard event for the ages, including airdrops of the $COST token for PFP stakers.

Don’t ask why. Instead, ask why not. More details on this exceptional partnership are to come!

Monday: X Spaces

Back in the saddle, Ryan and Bryce return for another edition of PFL LIVE Spaces this Monday, April 1, at 9:00 a.m. EST; the boys are joined by JGWeb3, the King of PFL Spaces, to chat about his incredible library of past shows and what he has coming up in April.

Tune in or catch the replay here!

Content Calendar

Monday, April 1: MONDAY MAYHEM

Eight races with a 2,000 $DERBY horse pick subsidy added? That should get your week off to a good start! Each Monday, DoughBoy lights a fire under the community asses with a slate of Monday Mayhem races straight off the grill. 

Get em’ while they’re hot! Get involved in the Monday Mayhem here.

Tuesday, March 26: DOUGHBOY AFTER DARK

After Dark takes place twice a week—once on Tuesday night, hosted live on Twitch by DoughBoy, and once on Friday night, live on Kick with Mo Knowz and Fib. What is After Dark? It’s your chance to grab horse picks by the tail and yank the $DERBY they offer back into your account, all condensed into the two most potent wager-heavy nights of action Photo Finish™ has to provide weekly. 

The action kicks off this Tuesday with DoughBoy After Dark. Click here to enter your horse in the action and make a horse pick.

Wednesday, March 27: MJ’S ‘ACROSS THE BOARD’

Did you miss last week’s edition of the most brilliant hour of Photo Finish™ LIVE content? That’s too bad because PFL’s most esteemed host, MJ, not only delivered another jam-packed episode of ‘Across the Board.’ but gave away an entire starter stable complete with a bag-o-CROWN.

For those unfamiliar with the show, this is the spot to bring your pens and notebooks as MJ dives into the numbers using several tools and his vast knowledge of Web3 games. 

Even out all the memes and degenerate behavior by giving MJ an hour of your week! Then, of course, go back to degenerate behavior and memes. 

Click here to catch up on all MJ’s content and to view this week’s newest shows.

Friday, March 29: DEGEN AFTER DARK

Degen After Dark, hosted by Mo Knowz and Fib, is the weekly horse pick bookend that ensures everyone heads into the weekend with a degen bang. 

Click here to enter the Degen After Dark races. Make sure to tune in, as Mo calls them all live alongside Third Time Games community manager Fib.

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