Crown Weekly: This Week’s Look Ahead


ICYMI: Week 2 Highlights

Every day of every week within a Photo Finish™ month-long season is an event in and of itself, and Week 2 was no exception.

Let’s catch you on the need-to-know’s that arrived in Season 11’s Week 2:

Tuesday: DoughBoy After Dark

Join our resident horse picks enthusiast, DoughBoy, beginning this Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. EST as he maneuvers through the juiciest night on this week’s schedule.

Each race below has a 2,400 $DERBY horse subsidy applied to every horse, making Tuesday the best night of each week to play the ponies.

Check out the schedule below: 

Wednesday: Across the Board with MJ

Everyone’s favorite third-party tool savant, MJ Gaming, is back for another informative edition of ‘Across the Board’ where he dives deep into the analytics of breeding, racing, and everything in between.

Tune in this Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST to heighten your virtual horse racing knowledge, thus becoming one of the many stable owners who have credited MJ in the past for making them more successful.

Click here to catch the show live or on replay.

Friday: Mo Knowz After Dark

Finish off your work week with the man, the myth, the hardest working Photo Finish™ community member ever to do it, Mo Knowz, every Friday for his edition of the After Dark series. As is custom, Fib from the Third Time Games team will follow him into the Degen darkness for 90-plus minutes of good old-fashioned horse pickin’.

Check out the schedule below:

Week 3: Artemis Meet at DeStables Racetrack

Qualifer races for this weekend’s Artemis Meet are already underway. Accumulate your leaderboard points during the week-long competition to reserve your spot!

The Road to the $7,000 Artemis Cup is a series of premium races. Placing the top 4 in any race earns you qualifier points for the Artemis Cup, the pinnacle of this week in Photo Finish™.

Visit the Artemis Cup qualifiers page for this week’s high-stakes action.

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