Crown Prep Weekly: Dev Talk, Mike Sowers Joins TrueDFS, Crown Prep Results


Introducing: Dev Talk 

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that more communication is a good thing. The entire idea behind Beta testing is gathering feedback from users, getting it to the dev team, and waiting to see what they come up with. 

But why wait and wonder? Why not get a better understanding of what Devs are up to and the thinking behind the changes in real time?

We couldn’t find a reason, so we launched a new blog series called Dev Talk — a periodic PFL Dev drop-in chat that aims to give players a better idea of how, and why, the sausage is made.

If you missed the first blog in the Dev Talk series that featured Principal Developer Christopher Vance, give it a read. 

Mike Sowers Chats PFL with TrueDFS

Our very own community member and professional poker player Mike Sowers, aka Tombstone Stables, joined the TrueDFS show to walk host Eric Haber through what PFL is and why IRL horse racing fans should take notice. 

Sowers did an excellent job taking Haber all the way through the process of converting USDC to Solana, creating a stable, buying a Gen0 ticket, and navigating the PFL site.

If you find yourself having trouble at times explaining what PFL is all about and how people can get involved, this is an excellent watch full of vital details. Give it a watch! 

Crown Prep Sprint Series Results

Even in the midst of a Beta 3 feeling-out process where the real money was at stake, the best stables in PFL came out to showcase their best horses in this past weekend’s Crown Prep Series.

In all, six races fired from the Third Time Raceway gates on Saturday, with some purse prizes as high as over 28,000 $DERBY.

Race Position Horse Name Age Gender Stable
1 WIN The Joker 2 Colt abSOLute Horsepower
PLACE Natty the Champ 2 Filly Derby Dawg Stables
SHOW California Love 2 Filly SoCal Stables
6 WIN Indian Wells 2 Colt Wimbledon + GvT Turf
PLACE Dublin 2 Colt BigBrainStables RT
SHOW Better Than Most 2 Colt RVA Racing
8 WIN Hundred Acre 2 Filly Pocono Racing LT
PLACE Thanos 2 Colt abSOLute Horsepower
SHOW Anton Chigurh 2 Colt abSOLute Horsepower
9 WIN General Duke 2 Colt YSM Racing Club
PLACE Lagavulin Neat 2 Filly Ba11thazar Mangers
SHOW High Tea at the Ritz 2 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
11 WIN Malibu 2 Filly Golden Stables
PLACE Triple Smoke Shack 2 Colt Ba11thazar Mangers
SHOW Belle 2 Filly Golden Boot Stables
12 WIN Born to Run 2 Colt SecretariYat Stables
PLACE Big Balls 2 Colt SOLmate Stables
SHOW Darioush 2 Filly Pocono Racing LT

Beta 3: Week 2

Real money Beta 3 made its triumphant debut at PFL last week, leveling up the field of play as more stables joined the racing fray, the ante grew, and stable owners were introduced to the true identity of the horses attached to their Gen0 tickets.

After just a few short days, the PFL team has already utilized community feedback to further improve the product and will continue to do so before a full live launch.

With a new week upon us, head on over to the racing page to enter your horse in a real money race.

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