$CROWN Now Listed on Cube Exchange


Third Time Entertainment, creators of the real money virtual horse racing game Photo Finish™ LIVE,  is thrilled to announce the listing of its utility token, $CROWN, on Cube Exchange – a revolutionary crypto trading platform set to launch in the coming weeks. 

The Cube listing marks the beginning of a new era for $CROWN, providing our community and crypto speculators unprecedented access to one of the most celebrated web3 gaming tokens ever created on what is expected to be the most innovative trading platform the cryptocurrency market has ever seen. 

Under the leadership of Bartosz Lipinski, a former Solana engineer, Cube Exchange represents the forefront of crypto trading platforms with its hybrid model. Cube’s model blends off-chain order matching with on-chain settlement, ensuring traders enjoy speed and security without compromising asset ownership. 

Of note, Cube boasts multi-party computation vaults that house individual wallets for native settlement, directly holding assets on blockchains. This approach lets users view their assets on-chain without relying on proof-of-reserve audits. Cube also eliminates the need for wrapped assets and mitigates common founder risks, which have become increasingly prominent after events like the FTX exchange collapse. 

By listing $CROWN on Cube Exchange, Third Time Entertainment is not only expanding the token’s accessibility but also aligning with Cube’s pioneering mission to protect and empower traders.

Cube Exchange’s use of multi-party computation vaults means that $CROWN holders can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their assets remain secure on the blockchain, free from the pitfalls of traditional custodial models.

Currently, Cube Exchange supports native settlements across major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Solana, with plans to extend its reach to additional Layer 1 networks. 

As Cube gears up for its public launch, it has already begun engaging users with reward programs utilizing and distributing tokens like BONK. 

For more information about Cube Exchange, visit cube.exchange.

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